Paralyzed (A Sonic Oneshot)

For the Gaming Fanfiction contest. I used a scene from the game "Shadow the Hedgehog." It is a very pivotal moment in the story for Shadow, but Sonic is present, so this is told from Sonic's point of view. It's just supposed to be a unique look at a scene a lot of Sonic gamers know and love. I have provided a link to the actual scene. Enjoy!


1. Paralyzed


“Shadow, give me the Chaos Emeralds!” I say, ignoring the baffled look on my counterpart’s face. The seven Chaos Emeralds are circling around him, glowing bright with power. The evil alien overlord, Black Doom, is directly behind him, glaring down at us as always. It looks like we got here just in time. Shadow was probably about to let Black Doom have the Emeralds. The poor guy doesn’t realize that the alien isn’t going to give him what he wants.

“Do not give the Emeralds to Black Doom, Shadow.” The voice belongs to Eggman. For once he is taking my side. He may be an evil scientist bent on world domination, but he isn’t willing to allow the planet to perish entirely. He needs it if he’s going to rule it (which, by the way, he’s NOT).

“They’re planning to destroy the planet!” Rouge says.

Black Doom lets out a dark chuckle as Shadow turns back to him in confusion. I knew it. The overlord lied to Shadow, just like Eggman did. I feel sorry for the guy.

“Ignorant fools,” Black Doom growls in his dark, echoing voice. “We’re here to save the humans from their own demise. We offer salvation.”

“What?” Shadow sounds just as lost as he looks. My anger towards the alien is rising with every passing second.

Black Doom continues, “Their greed, thirst for power, and affinity for betrayal has them on a path of self-destruction. Their actions will lead to extinction of their species. We’re here to save them from themselves...” I can’t believe I’m listening to this guy. Why aren’t we stopping him yet? Oh, yeah...Shadow needs to know the truth about what’s going on here. I keep my mouth shut for now as the dark lord rambles on. “Humans are a great energy source for us. They will be well kept.”

“What?!” We all cry at once. Shadow takes a step back in disbelief as Black Doom raises a hand and summons the Emeralds to him.

“Let us begin our ritual of prosperity.” He swings his arm out in an arc and commands, “Chaos Control!”

As the Emeralds release their power and begin to glow with frightening intensity, I hear Shadow cry out in disbelief. “This can’t be happening!”

Suddenly the ground trembles ferociously and we hear a loud crashing sound outside. When the calamity dies down, Amy asks, “What just happened?”

I know exactly what that sound was and answer her question without hesitation. “Those black creatures just warped the comet down to the surface using Chaos Control!”

“No...that’s impossible...” Rouge mutters beside me.

Shadow’s shoulders slump in defeat as everything finally catches up to him. “That’s why you needed the Chaos Emeralds...”

Black Doom chuckles. “Precisely. The comet’s velocity isn’t powerful enough to pass through another planet’s atmosphere. The Emeralds amplify the space-time control powers of Chaos Control. We need them to charge to full power. It’s the perfect plan. That’s why I needed the professor to help me...”

“What?!” Shadow cries.

“That’s insane!” Eggman concurs from behind me.

Black Doom pauses for a moment before finally coming out with it: “The professor was in development of the ultimate life force, but he needed my help. So we made a deal...I helped him, and he promised to deliver me the seven Chaos Emeralds.” The dark alien looks directly at my counterpart. “That’s how you were created, Shadow. You would help us do both.”

“Me?” Shadow takes another step back, his voice weaker than I’ve ever heard it before. More lost. He falls to his knees. “I can’t believe it.”

“That can’t be!” Eggman shouts in angry incredulity. “He betrayed his own people for research? For Black Doom?!”

“Big deal,” I mutter, crossing my arms. “We can’t just stand here doing nothing.”

To my left, Knuckles punches the air. “Yeah, let’s do this! I’ll crush that cosmic rock ball!”

Suddenly he grunts and I notice him freeze in place. I turn to him in concern. “Knuckles, what’s wrong?” Then I feel it, too – my nervous system is overloading. I freeze up as well. Within moments, all of us are immobile. Black Doom lets out a wicked laugh.

“A special weapon...this gas, once released, is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. In a moment, total paralysis will hit your nervous system. The end is near now.” He laughs again and turns to a few of the Black Arms gathered behind him. “Eat and devour these savory dishes.”

It isn’t long before the creatures are upon us, beginning to feast on our flesh. Because we are paralyzed we can do nothing to stop them, but my heart rate speeds up when I hear my friends crying out in fear and pain. I glance down at Shadow. There is an alien approaching him as well. He has been silent since he finally learned the truth about his origin, but now I suspect he is immobile as well. I can’t believe friends and I have all come too far to let the Black Arms win now! It isn’t right that they lied to Shadow in order to get him to join their side. He has gone through so much since I met him. Why can’t everyone just leave him alone?

Wait...Shadow is moving! He isn’t paralyzed like I thought he was!

Shadow steps on the alien that was about to devour him, flattening it with a satisfying squish.

“What?” Black Doom’s voice rises in frustration.

My counterpart turns his head to glare at the alien overlord. “I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I’ve left the past behind me. No one can tell me what to do now.” He clenches his fists. “I will destroy you, Black Doom!”

“I gave you life, and this is how you repay me?” Black Doom demands angrily. “The irony of it all is I gave you, I’ll take it back.” That being said, he turns in the air and drifts away. Shadow remains for a moment, but then he growls and chases the dark lord.

“Shadow!” Rouge cries as he vanishes into the distance.

I sincerely hope Shadow will do what’s right. Everything depends on the decision he makes. I take a deep breath and say as he leaves us behind, “You’re our only hope now.” 

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