Zianourry Family

Louis and Niall are a married couple who go down to the orphanage to adopt the three kids they've been told about after they signed some papers. They go to the orphanage and take Harry, Liam and Zayn home.

The couple have a hard time managing their new children, but somehow they make it work out at the end of the day.


1. Prologue

The alarm clock rang through the quiet flat at 6:00 AM. It was way too early to be awake and both Niall and Louis groaned at the sound of the alarm. Niall sat up and shut the alarm clock off. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around the room tiredly, trying to remember why they had set the alarm for 6:00 am. That's when he remembered that today was the day they would be bringing home their three new adopted kids from the orphanage. Sure, they haven't met or seen the kids yet, but they are both still so excited to meet them and become a big happy family.

Niall happily woke up his husband with that thought but his husband wasn't in the mood. He just wanted to sleep. "C'mon Louis! Wake up! Today's the big day! The day we bring home our kids!" Niall cheered excitedly and bounced in his spot like a child would. Louis' eyes opened at the mention of bringing home their adopted kids. He sat up and smiled at Niall who smiled back instantly. "We finally get to bring them home!" Louis chirped up as they both got out of bed and made their way to the bathroom. "Yup!" Niall said happily as he put tooth paste on his tooth brush. "Do you think they'll like us?" He asked Louis who was rinsing his face. Louis shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I hope so."

After they were done brushing their teeth and getting dressed they quickly had some chocolate cereal for breakfast and got their keys, wallets, phones, the adoption papers and the diaper bag then walked out of their flat and locked the door. They walked to their car, Louis getting into the drivers seat and Niall getting into the passengers seat. "Next stop, getting our kids home!" Niall cheered in excitement. Louis laughed and started the engine.

45 minutes later and they finally pull over outside the orphanage. They  get out of the car and walk into the orphanage. Once their inside a women who looks to be in her mid twenties walks up to them and smiles. "Hello, I'm Eleanor, one of the caregivers here, what can I do for you?" She asked. Louis smiled at her and said, "We're here to adopt three kids. We have the adoption papers and everything, we filled them out already." Niall handed her the adoption papers and she skimmed through them to make sure everything was in order. She looked up at them and smiled, "Well, everything seems to be here, so if you would follow me please." She said while motioning them to follow.

The couple was lead into a room that had white walls and brown floor tiles. Their was a brown coloured desk in the middle of the room with a yellow carpet under it that had a picture of a sun that was smiling with sunglasses. Their were papers on the desk and a few pencils in a pen holder. There was a navy blue chair behind the desk and five light blue chairs in front of it. There were four book shelves lined up against the wall on the right and on the left wall was a fridge and a long table that had a box of toys, candies, stuffed animals and other things for the kids. Right by the door was a green chair, probably for time out or something like that, the boys thought. 

Niall and Louis sat down in front of the desk while Eleanor sat on the other side. She opened a drawer and got out some papers, sliding them carefully to Louis. Louis picked them up and both boys skimmed through the papers before looking up at her as she spoke. "You will be adopting three children. They are all boys and mostly well behaved. They aren't brothers or anything but are very close and clingy to each other. If you want to adopt other children you are more than welcome to look through the rooms. I'll get the boys now." She finished and got up, both boys nodded and she left the room. "So, we're finally parents!" Louis said with a smile. "Yup! Three children to complete our family!" Niall added.

Soon the door was open again and Eleanor came back into the room with three little boys trailing behind her. Louis and Niall both stood up and observed the three children. The shortest was in the middle. He had brown/blond hair that looked straight but slightly curly. He had milky white skin that looked kind of pale. He had scared innocent green/blue eyes that were blue from the outer part and the Iris was more green. He had rosy cheeks and baby fat on his small face. His body looked small and fragile. He had a white top on that was way too big for him and had rips in them and was also dirty. His brown shorts were dirty and had a few small holes here and there. He wore small shoes that were ripped and over worn.

The next boy was taller by at least 8 or 9 inches and was standing beside the short boy on the left. He had brown hair that was in a messy fringe. His skin tone looked darker than the smaller boy but not by too much. He had brown eyes that were guarded and innocent. His clothes, much like the smaller boys, were torn and ripped. His top was too small for him and was also white. He had grey shorts on that were long on him and went below his knees and they also had holes in them, some bigger than others. His shoes were dirty and ripped from the side and his feet could be seen if you looked really closely.

The next boy was a few inches taller than the brown haired boy and he was standing on the shortest boys right side, holding his hand like the brown haired boy. He had black hair that was spiky and messy. His skin was slightly tanned and had a brown tint to it. His eyes were hazel blue and fully guarded, he was glaring. His clothes looked small on him. His shirt was half sleeved and white like the other two's shirts. His didn't have as many tares but was dirty. His shorts were beige and went down to his knees. They were ripped here and there. He had sandals on so his feet were good and didn't look uncomfortable.

"Alright so, this is Harry. He's 3 and a half." Eleanor said as she pointed to the smallest boy in the middle. "This is Liam and he's 8 years old." She said pointing to the brown haired brown eyed boy. "And this is Zayn and he's 8 years old and 7 months." She said as she pointed to the dark haired boy who glared at her in return. The two adults shared a look before looking back at Eleanor. "We'll adopt them." Niall and Louis said in unison. Eleanor smiled and clapped her hands. "Okay great! Now Harry, Liam, Zayn, could you all go and pack your things?" She asked the three kids who all nodded and walked out of the room while holding hands.


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