Remember Me?

So, um, have you ever wondered what it would be like for Rose to meet the new Doctor?
This is a short story about the eleventh Doctor's encounter with Rose Tyler at Henrik's Department Store. Enjoy! :)


1. Remember Me?

Every star is like a lost memory that is just waiting to be uncovered. Every atom is one of the many smiles you find is shared. And every time line is a new adventure that makes its way into your clutches. When you’re alone…in space…you find that you’re beginning to think like this. My companions were friends indeed but I never really loved them like a mother does her child. The closest I have ever gotten was with that pretty young lady known as Rose Tyler. So, even though I have had numerous different traveling partners and acquaintances, I never quite fill that space where you pile up all those emotions.

I was walking down a busy London street. It had the usual towering, grey buildings, flashing street lights and various smells. Many people were on their lunch break so mostly scent of café dominated the air. I saw some people looking at me strangely. Possibly, because of the fact that I’d just stepped out of a big blue police box that had just appeared or because I hadn’t bothered to clean up after the last adventure- which happened to involve alien goo. Probably both.

I was searching for someone. I had a major chance of not finding them but I was going to try. The traffic light turned red and the pedestrian light shone green. I joined the multitude of people as we crossed the road. Even though I hadn’t been here for a while I knew I was close. They probably weren’t going to recognize me. I fixed my bow tie and straightened my jacket. We’d had so many adventures together and now I was returning to the place where it all started. I wasn’t sure how she’d gotten back to Earth but I knew she had. When Clara had said: This lady in a shop told me, I felt the significance.

Henrik’s Department Store rose higher than I remembered. It had renovations I noticed. For one, I could tell that the window displays were new. Also, the whole building was different colors. It was like stepping into another universe when I strode through the entrance.

“Hello sir. Can I help you?” A nice male shop assistant asked me.

“No thanks,” I said as casually as I could.

The man wandered off to another customer that was obviously much more interested in purchasing something than me. I sidled off to the clothes area. The different fabrics, brands and styles were of no interest to me.

Suddenly my pocket vibrated. I jumped in surprise. Clara had forgotten her phone which I’d taken from her for safety precautions. I curiously turned the phone on, figured out her password and checked the text. Will be out late. Make dinner for kids. I turned the phone off. It wasn’t important.

“Ah excuse me? Are you looking for anything?”

I slowly turned around as if the whole moment might evaporate if I did anything wrong. “Yes actually,” I smiled. She didn’t recognize me.

Rose raised her eyebrows as if urging me to continue.

“I was, um…I was looking for someone actually,” I managed.

“Okay,” Rose said cheerily. It was sad that it hadn’t even occurred to her that she was meeting an old friend.

“You actually,” I said in a small voice that was unlike my own. This current generation of mine was on the verge of discovering the mystery of the ‘impossible girl’ although somehow I was in-between at present. Neither the eleventh nor twelfth. Today I was looking for Rose.

“Me?” She asked. She was probably wondering if I was flirting with her but I wasn’t, I assure you. “Why?”

I paused. “Because I was struck by something my companion, Clara, said to me. You told her to call me didn’t you? It’s just that you weren’t sure if I’d answer.”

Rose frowned. “I don't remember...”

“Of course you might not remember but you did.”

“What?” Somehow I didn't think Rose was going to listen to me. To her I was probably some psycho-maniac that had gotten out too early or something similar.

“Rose, it's me. I'm the Doctor.”

“Doctor? Doctor Who?” Rose squeaked.

“Exactly,” I said. “Look, you might not think it's me because of my face but I'm telling you the truth.”

“You're telling the truth,” Rose repeated slowly.

I nodded. And almost immediately Rose hugged me. She'd changed over the course of our adventures together like most other humans did. But she was still the same Rose. Although, I never really loved her like I wanted to marry her...after all, I was already married to River. Yet, she was the closest I ever got to that emotion. Even my fascination with Clara was less important than Rose.

“What're you doing back here?” Rose asked.

I studied her for a moment and concluded that she was happy to see me. “To tell you something.”

Rose drew away from me and crossed her arms. Suspicion was growing on her face as she swept a few loose strands of blonde hair behind her ear. “Like what?”

I pulled her back into the hug and managed another smile. “I wanted to tell you...” I stopped again and stepped back from Rose. She and I had the closest relationship than I'd ever had. Somehow I couldn't hold it in any longer. I looked her straight in the eyes and smiled. “I love you and by the way...”


"I got us some cookies to share."

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