That Crazy Couple

It was just another average day of summer when my mother made a proposal that could change my life. Within 24 hours my life had turned upside down thanks to a extraordinary talented man by the name of Hunter Hayes.


1. Chapter One

"Bye Court, Miss you." Megan waved, shrugging at the webcam.

"Bye Meg. Miss you too!" I said, ending the Skype call with my childhood best friend. I sighed imagining what it would be like to see my family, just one more time.

"Courtney?" My mother's quiet voice spoke behind me

"Mmmh?" I asked, raising my eyebrows as I looked over my shoulder.

"How would you like to go visit Uncle Wayne for the summer? Jodie and David will be there too." She questioned, even though she already knew the answer.

"Seriously!!"I screamed, almost causing an earthquake.


Finally! I thought. I missed my family so much. "WHEN!"

"Tomorrow morning." she smiled, I swear my mother sounds more like my grandmother every day.

"Oh crap. I NEED TO GO PACK!" I leaped up from the chair, and ran towards the laundry room, tripping over my own feet multiple times.

I yanked the lid from the crawl space underneath the house and leaped, falling on my face. Ouch.

Suitcase, suitcase... where are you?

AHAH! This one won’t be big enough; neither will this one... maybe this one. Never mind, I'll just bring all three. I threw them onto the laundry room floor above me.

"BE QUIET!" My mum screamed. She hates noise, even the air conditioning.


I looked up towards the hole in the laundry room floor I came from; I don’t think I can get up there. Even though I like being short, this was not one of those situations.

First I tried jumping, but that backfired since I’m not the sportiest either. I looked for something to climb on, that would support my weight. I saw some cardboard boxes, I wasn’t entirely positive they would work but it’s worth a try.

I stacked a few boxes on top of each other and managed to escape just as the boxes collapsed and ornaments smashed as they fell onto the concrete floor

"COURTNEY! What was that?"

"Uhh, nothing! I just dropped my phone." I lied. It's not my fault I'm clumsy!

After dragging the suitcases across the hallway into my bedroom I emptied the containments of my chest of draws into the suitcases and then tossed the few dresses I owned on top. I hardly wear them but who knows what a might need?

When I was done with my clothes I zipped up the suitcases with ease and put my piano music books in the front pocket of the medium sized case.

I left the things I would need in the morning on my dressing table and then got ready for bed. I couldn’t help but notice how empty my room was.


 I woke up to the sound of my alarm at nine o' clock. I didn’t want to get up yet, but I never want to get up in the morning, especially if it’s before midday.

I got dressed into my sleeveless button-up shirt. It was blue, with cute white polka dots. I paired the shirt was a pair of demin shorts that are personalized with patched of pretty lace. With my outfit I wore a pair of blue and white striped flats I bought on a recent shopping spree, to top it off the flats had a rope tied around the toes and loosely knotted in the middle.  They were my favourite shoes.

Once I was dressed I sat down at my dressing table. After doing my make-as as I usually do I moved onto my hair. I curled my hair on a low setting and then brushed it out a little the get my beach waves look. Once I was done I sprayed my hair with hairspray.

I checked my phone; it was 9:43 so I put my makeup into the larger suitcase and checked Tumblr, re-blogging a few pictures of the gorgeous Hunter Hayes of course.

9:56, close enough.

"Muumm" I called out loudly, even though the house was so small.


"I’m ready!" I grinned as my mum walked into the lounge. I stood next to all my things I had managed to drag into the lounge, including all of the suitcases, my keyboard and stand and my box of shoes.

 It took an hour to drive to the airport. I put my headphones in and jammed to the music on my phone while texting my best friend, Luisa.

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