Found You (Zianourry Fanfiction)

The four boys of One Direction, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were all at their flat on their day off when a thought occurred through one of their heads. It was too quiet and boring. They needed more excitement, something to keep them busy. They come to the conclusion that they want to adopt a child. But first they talk to management and get approval. Then they head down to the orphanage to adopt a child, after they go shopping. What they find at the orpanage is sweet, innocent, adorable, abused and little, Harry.


How will the boys handle Harry? Will they be able to help Harry? How will they share the little boy?

Read the story of One Direction's life with their baby boy.


PS: If you see this story around on Wattpad, it's on my user Summer1245, I'm putting it up on here and there, hope you like it!1


1. Chapter 1 (Adopting Harry)

The four boys of One Direction, the worlds biggest British-Irish boyband, were all sitting at home in their flat relaxing and watching television on their day off. They had a long day yesterday filled with many interviews that asked the same questions over and over again. They also had a sound check that went a little bad, the mics wouldn't pick up any sound, so they have to fix that problem and sound check is delayed and will be happening on another day.

They had a meet and greet with fans that lasted three hours straight. The boys were completely exhausted after that, but they couldn't rest because they had one last stop for the day, one concert. It lasted about two and a half hours. The boys were all tired so when they got home they all went straight to bed. All cuddled up together in their big shared room. They had two beds in the room, in case someone was sick or wanted to sleep alone for a change, they did sometimes use the extra bed, but not that often.

Sometimes when they get in an argument or are pissed off at eachother, one, two or three of them will sleep on a bed while the other(s) will sleep on the other bed alone or with another, or if they're all mad at each other, one will sleep on one bed, the other on the extra bed, one on the couch downstairs in their living room and one will sleep on the loveseat. It doesn't happen that often, but it does happen. They usually get along though and make their fourway relationship work. It works especially well because they're all in a band together.

The four boys auditioned for the X Factor two years ago but none got through to the judges house. They were all devastated but ended up getting called back a day later. They then got put together as a boyband along with another girlband of four, just like them. But they are bigger than the girl group, known as Little Mix. Anyways, the boys made it all the way to the final round of X Factor, and came in third, after two solo acts that were supposedly great, meanwhile those two winners haven't been heard of, the boys don't know what happened to them, but they do know they are much bigger than those solo artists. They are more famous.

The boys released two albums since then. They just released the second album two months ago. The first album was a huge success, millions of people bought it. The name of their first album is "Up All Night." It has their number one hit song in it, "What Makes You Beautiful" and the song reached number one on the charts only after a little while of it being released.

The boys are really big now. But they are also really busy and need a well deserved break. But they haven't gotten that yet, they are forced to go around places, singing, talking in interviews, performing, doing meet and greets with fans, signings, photo shoots and a lot more. But they talked their management about this, and they are getting a break, very soon. So that's what the boys are looking forward to, a well deserved, hopefully long break.

So they were all cuddled up together on the couch in their living room in their flat. They were watching television. A movie was on, Love Actually, to be exact. The boys liked the movie, it was good, but they had other favourites.

They were sitting and enjoying the movie. Well, mostly enjoying it and half paying attention. Liam was daydreaming while staring at the screen, half paying attention and trying not to fall asleep. He was chewing on his finger nails of his right hand, even though they were short he still chewed on them and made them even shorter, if that was even possible. But he still did it, he was nibbling.

Niall was watching the movie, but he wasn't interested, he couldn't care less of what was happening. He was more interested in the food and popcorn in front of him and on his lap. He was scarfing it down fast, as always. Only really thinking of how good the popcorn tasted and how buttery it was. But in Niall's case, that's really no surprise.

Zayn was texting. Not even giving the movie a second glance. It's not that he didn't like the movie, it's just that they've watched it so many times before, he could probably describe the whole movie to you, every word, every scene and every move. He loves the movie, but would rather do anything else but watch the movie. So texting was his escape.

Louis had his eyes on the TV screen. But like Liam, he was daydreaming, lost in his thoughts. He watched the movie quite a lot, and he would be honest with you and say he was tired of watching it over and over again. But if you didn't ask, he would pretend he liked watching the movie. He was just tired of it, that's all. The only reason he was watching the movie was because of his three other boyfriends, because they were watching it and they were all sitting together.

The One Direction flat was usually busy and usually empty, due to the boys being out so much, they barely got time to even stay at their flat. When they actually were in their flat, they were running around looking for their things or rushing to get out and to wherever they needed to be.

They were exhausted. Always busy. So when they got a day off, or a week off, they would usually spend it in their flat, cuddling, watching films, eating junk food and being lazy. That's just how they were. They did it so often that they were even getting bored and tired of it, surely they could do something more productive on their days off.

So that's how the conversation started about adopting a child. It started with Louis getting curious. He started thinking, "This is so boring. I've watched this film so many times before, so have the other lads. Why do we always have to watch this one? On every day off we get. It's so boring now! God I hate this, but, the boys and I are together. So that's good."

He let his mind wonder around some more. "We need some excitement, something to keep us busy on our days off. We should do something nice, something that won't just benefit us, but someone else too... But what could we possibly do?"

He then thought of the perfect thing they could do. But it wasn't just up to him, even though he really wanted to do this, he had to ask his boyfriends if they were okay with the idea. So that's what he did. "Lads, we need to talk." He said while turning to face his boyfriends in a better angle.

They were all sitting on one couch, even though there was a big love seat beside the couch, they all wanted to sit beside each other. They always do, during movies, so they can cuddle up together and enjoy the warmth of each other.

Zayn was on the far end of the couch, on the right. Beside him was Niall, beside Niall was Liam and beside Liam was Louis. That's how it usually always was, but they didn't do it on purpose, it was mostly set up like this because that's sort of like their own spots, in a way. But they do mix it up quite often now. Or try to at least.

So, Louis sat at a better angle so he could face his boyfriends and look right at them. "Talk about what, Lou?" Liam asked curiously.

Louis took a deep breath before saying, "I was thinking we could..." he trailed off at the end, suddenly really nervous. Zayn raised an eyebrow at him and eyed him, trying to find any answer as to what's bothering Louis, but he found nothing, except pure nervousness, so he sighed and left it.

"We could what, Lou?" Niall asked, trying to encourage him a bit to go on, but he failed at that, Louis was really nervous about the situation he had just created. "Louis? What were you thinking, just tell us what's on your mind." Niall urged.

Louis took a deep breath and spoke, "I think we should adopt a child from the orphanage." He looked at his boyfriends who just stared at him. Zayn and Liam both looked unsure about the idea of adopting a child, both questioning if they would have any time for the kid.

Niall on the other hand, was excited and smiling widely at the idea of adopting a kid. He always liked little kids and found them to be absolutely adorable, innocent, cute, lively and fun. So he was all up for it.

"I don't know if that's such a great idea, Louis." Liam says slowly, having doubts about this, it could turn out horribly if they made a mistake. They wouldn't just have to worry about themselves but a little one too. That could harm the kid also in a way.

"C'mon Liam! It'll be fun!" Niall grins widely and adds, "I love the idea, Lou! It'll be so fun to have a little one running around and taking care of him! Or her!"

Louis smiles widely at that. At least someone took his side on this. "Thanks Nialler! I think a boy would be better though, trust me." Louis chuckles, remembering all the stress his mom went through because of his younger sisters.

"Yeah a little boy running around! I wanna adopt one so bad now!" Niall says excitedly.

Zayn looks at them and sighs. This could be a bad thing, he thought to himself. But, it could also be a good thing, and he always wanted to take care of a little boy. So he caves in, "I'm up for it too, it could help us to have a little kid, and it'll be fun." He admits.

Niall and Louis grin. Liam looks at them all in disbelief, this could be a bad idea, he thinks to himself. It takes a lot of work to take care of a little boy, and they are already so busy as it is. Where would they leave him?

"C'mon Liam! It'll be fun to have a kid running around, it'll be fun and exciting. It'll keep us busy too!" Niall tries to convince Liam but Liam just shakes his head, so Niall continues, "C'mon Li! It'll be good for us! I love kids, please?!"

Liam takes a deep breath then sighs. This could be very, very bad. What would the fans do to the boy? They would eat the poor thing, but... Everyone likes the idea. And I do love kids... so, I guess. And that's all it takes for Liam to say, "Okay, we can adopt a little boy from the orphanage."

The other three boys jump up and cheer excitedly, they high five each other in victory. "But," Liam says, getting the boys' attention again, "It's going to be a lot of work and we'll all have to pitch--" he was cut off by Louis saying, "Relax, Liam. I know how to take care of a little kid, it's not too hard and it's worth it. We can even take him with us during interviews, concerts and anything else. We'll ask management if its alright too!" Louis says, trying to reassure him.

Liam sighs and looks at Louis for a few moments, then he sighs loudly. "Okay, but we have to call Management."

Louis grins. "I'll call them now!" He says while digging out his phone from his pocket. He turns his phone on and dials managements number. He taps on the little speaker button so the other boys can hear.

After a few rings someone answers and says, "Hello?" The boys all recognize the voice, Jake, one of the nicer managers they have. Relief washes over the boys' bodies, knowing that Jake is easy and can convince the other managers into doing things.

"Hey, Jake! How are you doing?" Louis asks politely, not wanting to be too pushy or anything, in case Jake was having a bad day. "I'm doing good, Louis, and yourself?" Jake asks.

"I'm doing good. Hey, listen, I have a question to ask you, the lads and I all do.." Louis trails off at the end, wanting a reply from Jake, which he gets, "Yes? What is it?"

"Could we adopt a child?" Louis asks hesitantly, afraid that Jake will say no.

"A child? You want to adopt a kid?" Jake asks through the phone in disbelief. The boys all suddenly get more nervous, thinking this was a bad idea.

"Uh yeah, we do. We can bring him to concerts, interviews and everything else, and we think we can handle it, we know we can and we're willing to do anything to get the chance to, we all want this." Louis says, getting more confidant at the end.

There's silence on the other line before Jake talks, "Are you sure about this?"

Louis nods to himself. He is sure, they all are. But since Jake can't see him, he answers, "Yes we're sure. We're confidant that we can do this."

Jake sighs on the other end of the phone. "Alright. I'm with the other managers also, and they like the idea. So yes, you are allowed to adopt a boy, kid."

They all cheer, "Thank you Jake!!" Louis says excitedly, "We--Thank you! Thank you!" is all he can really say, he's way too excited right now to think.

Jake chuckles, "No problem, now go get yourselves a kid from the orphanage, bye boys!" He says. Louis smiles widely, "Bye!" he says and hangs up.

Louis puts his phone in his pocket and looks at his boyfriends who are all smiling widely at him. He smiles back just as big. "Yay!!" He cheers happily.

Louis does a little happy dance. He just feels so giddy and happy inside. He has the biggest smile ever on his face and he feels like he's going to explode inside because of how happy he is, he can't keep it in and just lets it all out.

The other boys don't question it though because their all just as excited.

"Okay," Liam says, suddenly more serious, but still smiling. The boys all look at him expectantly and he smiles wider.

"Let's head down to the orphanage!" Liam says happily and they all smile widely at each other. They grab their keys, phones and wallets, then they head for the door.

They slip on their shoes and walk out of their flat. Niall locks the door and they all climb into their car. Liam is in the drivers seat, Niall's in the passenger seat and Zayn and Louis are both sitting in the back seats. Louis is behind Niall's seat and Zayn is behind Liam's seat.

They all buckle up their seatbelts and make their way to the orphanage.

While driving, Liam asks, "What if the boy we adopt doesn't like us?" He started worrying about that ever since Jake said they could adopt a kid.

Zayn smiles widely and replies, "Don't worry, Lili! He won't like us at first probably, but he will eventually, we'll need to be patient with the boy we adopt, we'll need to know his past life and everything, but he'll like us sooner or later."

Liam relaxes a bit after hearing that and sighs. Zayn is right, he thinks to himself. We just will have to wait and see, the boy won't be scared for too long, hopefully. He grips onto the steering wheel and sighs again.

"Yeah Li, the boy will just need time, that's all." Louis reassures him and Liam relaxes completely after hearing that. We'll just have to wait, he thinks.

After about half an hour they reach the orphanage. It's not that big of a place. It looks small and cozy sort of, but the building is wide. There are a few windows and two big white doors for the entrance. The building itself is brown, bricks. There is no play area whatsoever outside, no swings, benches, slides, nothing.

"This place looks so horrible." Niall mumbles. They all nod in agreement, thinking the same thing. It makes their stomaches turn, thinking that their are so many helpless kids in their, bored, scared and alone. They need to be loved.

Zayn pushes the door open and they all walk in. They see a desk, weirdly enough, so they walk over and stand behind it. There's no one there, but there is a bell. So Niall pushes down on it and it dings. "This is so weird." Liam mumbles while looking around the empty room. They all nod in agreement.

Moments later a lady that's probably 5'4 walks out of a room, she walks over and stands behind the desk. She smiles at the boys and they can all tell its fake, either that or forced. "Hello! Welcome to the orphanage! Would you like to adopt a child, or put one up for adoption?" She asks while smiling at them.

They all wince at her words. They make it seem like the kids are animals or something. Liam is the first one to speak, "We'd like to adopt one, please."

She nods her head and motions for them to follow as she walks. They walk through a hallway with about 5 doors in total. Two doors are on the right and two are on the left. There is one bigger door that's in the center of the hallway, the furthest door and it's right in front of you as you reach the end of the hall.

They walk through that door that's in the middle and see many, many kids there. There are beds on both the left and right side. All the kids are playing or running around, making a lot of noise, screaming, shouting and throwing things here and there. It annoys the boys a little, this is just so wild. The lady, who they learned goes by the name Grace, smiles at them. "Sorry for the loudness, you can look around and talk to the kids if you'd like, I'll be back to check up on things in a few minutes." She tells them, they nod and she walks out of the room.

They all look around at the screaming kids. "So loud." Zayn mutters and they all nod. "It's too fucking loud!" Niall groans and rubs his temples. Liam rubs his shoulder and says, "Try ignoring it." Niall nods in response.

Louis is looking around at all the kids, when one certain boy catches his eye. He's sitting alone on a bed that's covered in white sheets. He's the only one sitting on a bed, actually. He looks scared, sad, tired and lonely. He looks plane miserable.

Louis looks at the other boys and taps each one of their shoulders. They all look at him questioningly. He points to where the boy is sitting and they all look, a smile forming on their lips as they see the innocent boy sitting alone quietly.

Zayn is the first to walk over to him, he sits on the floor beside the little boys bed, the other boys follow, all standing by the boys bed. The little kid looks at Zayn with scared eyes.

The boy has light brown hair, with a blond tint to it, but it looks like it'll get darker as he grows, it's more of a golden colour with a brown to it. It's straight and slightly curly at the same time. He has big green-blue eyes. The outside is more green and the part closer to the iris is blue. His skin is pale, yet slightly tanned, just a bit. His body is skinny and small. He looks no older than one.

Zayn smiles softly at him and says, "Hello there, little guy." But the boy just cowered away in fear, moving to the other end of the bed and looking down at his lap. Louis smiles and walks closer to the bed, he sits down on it slowly, giving the small boy some space he reaches his hand out slowly, leaving it in the air, with his palm facing the ceiling.

The boy looks up at him, then his hand, then back up at him. "I won't hurt you, none of us will." Louis says softly. The boy looks at him for a few more moments, then back at Louis' hand. Slowly he puts his tiny hand onto Louis' much bigger one.

They all smile widely and the boy looks up at them. Louis takes his hand away and the little boy frowns and puts his hand back onto his lap. Louis smiles wider and slowly picks the boy up gently, he slowly puts the boy on his lap.

The boy looks up at Louis with big eyes. Niall is next to step forward and he sits down on the bed beside Louis. The little boy looks at him and frowns, but Niall continues to smile. He slowly brings his hand up and puts it on the boys head.

The little boy flinches but lets Niall play with his hair. The boy looks back up at Louis and brings his hand up, he pokes Louis' cheek with his finger. All the boys smile widely and the little boy giggles.

Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall all share a look and nod their heads. They were going to adopt the little boy.

Liam is next to walk over, he sits on the floor beside Zayn and smiles when the boy looks at him. He reaches a hand out and moments later the boy holds onto Liam's pointer finger. Liam grins and the boy brings Liam's finger up to his face and puts it into his mouth. He sucks on it as if it was his own finger.

The boys all laugh at his cuteness. Just then, the same lady, Grace, walks over to them. She scowls at the little boy who cowers away in fear, he takes Liam's finger out of his mouth and crawls off of Louis' lap. The rest of the boys frown at him then look at the lady. She smiles at them. "I'm sorry that the little twat is bothering you, he can be really stupid sometimes." She says bitterly.

They all look at her in shock. "No, he was absolutely adorable and sweet. We want to adopt him." Liam tells her.

She looks at them in disbelief. "You want to adopt Harry? Please, there are more important kids here, why don't you talk to some other ones, Harry is really not worth it." She tries to convince.

The little boy, Harry, whimpers at that and hides his face in his tiny hands. They all glare at Grace. "We are adopting him. He's worth it, we don't care about any other kid, he's the only one not running around like crazy, he actually looks like he wants a new home." Niall says angrily.

Grace rolls her eyes. "Fine, one of the other workers here will get the papers." She says, then walks out of the room.

The boys all turn their attention back to Harry, who's trembling in fear, still hiding his face. Louis frowns and puts him on his lap again. Harry whimpers and hides his face in Louis' chest. Niall slowly rubs Harry's back soothingly, trying to calm him down.

"Harry, love, we're going to take you home with us, is that okay?" Liam asks hopefully. Harry looks at Liam for a moment then nods his head slowly. They all smile widely.

A few moments later another lady walks over to them, she looks like she's a few inches taller than Grace, and younger. Her name tag reads "Amy." Amy smiles at them then looks at Harry with a slight frown. "Your adopting Harry?" She asks.

They all nod, suddenly annoyed. "Yes we are. Now can we see the papers?" Zayn asks harshly. Amy nods and motions for them to follow. Niall gently takes Harry off of Louis' lap and picks him up. He puts one hand on Harry's small bum and the other behind his head, he lets Harry put his head on his shoulder, holding it there with his hand so the little boy doesn't bounce everywhere.

They walk out of the room and back to the brown desk. Amy places a few papers in front of them and speaks, "Harry is one year old and 20 days and is born February 1st. He has a bit of asthma, we suspect. He hates closed spaces and is scared of the dark. He isn't much of a picky eater, obviously. He's usually quiet. He can't talk yet. He can only crawl and he only really babbles a few things no one really understands. He's pretty well behaved. He needs to wear a diaper or something. If you have any problems just call us, we'll be sending a nurse over to check on him in a week. Here are some papers with more information and we'll need your signatures."

She places a few papers in front of them and Liam picks up the ones with information about Harry and holds them in one hand. They all sign where they need to and look at Amy expectantly. She smiles softly and says, "Harry had a ruff past, he was abused by his dad and got sent here by child services at only 6 months," the boys all gasp at that and Amy continues,

"He used to get hit, kicked, slapped, punched, abused and thrown around. The neighbours actually called child services and his dad even threatened them, but now Harry's dad is in a different country and isn't allowed back here, he's still in jail and will be for another five or so years. His mother died 5 months after Harry was born, and he has no family left now. He may have some problems with his feet, like walking and such, his dad would hurt his hands and feet. Like I said before, he may have asthma, and we have an inhaler for him. The reason he hates closed spaces is because he's claustrophobic and his dad would leave him in a small room and squish him in there. He also doesn't like showers because his dad would try and drown him, shower or bath. He's very sweet though, even with his ruff past. So that's all you need to know for now, those papers will tell you more."


A/N: Cut off, I know what I'm doing, sorta. But I have half of the next part done... Okay fine. I started it. Also, I changed Harry's age from 11 months to a year and few days. The next part will have the boys taking Harry shopping and stuff.

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