Gone With You ~ Larry Stylinson

This is a Larry Stylinson Short. Please play the soundtrack along with it.


1. Gone With You

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkYspvuoZe0 Please play this sound track while you read. 



I am walking the streets of town on a cold winter day. I am playing with the pocket knife in my hand that I have carried arround since Louis went missing. It has been something I have kept to remind me of him since he has been gone. He gave it to me one christmas a couple years back.

The police called off the search yesterday. It has been a full month now. The band has all split up and went our seperate ways about a year ago but Louis and I stayed together. We were engaged. We were waiting for the upcomming wedding that was going to be in three days, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. 

I decide to turn onto the path that Louis and I would always walk down. We shared several memories. I sit on the bench at the beginning of the path and remember when Louis and i would sit, hand in hand, and just watch people walk by. 

A few minutes later, I get up and contenue walking. This has been a regular routine since Louis has been gone. I feel like this would be something he would do if it were me that went missing. I turn off the path and head towards the hidden spot Louis and I would go to and lay in the grass. 

As I am walking, I remember Louis' cries for help. I remember what happened. I remember everything. 

We were settling in to watch a movie because we had nothing better to do. Louis had gotten home from the store and I finished making dinner. He sat down on the couch and I went for the bathroom. Once I was in there and locked the door, I heard a loud bang like a door breaking open and heard Louis scream. He called my name for help as i was running back towards the front of the house, but once i got there, the screams were gone and so was Louis and who ever else was in the house. I called the police and they started investagating but got nowhere. 

I colapse down where I am standing and start to cry, remembering his cute smile, the way he laughed and the way he would pout, trying to get his way. I remember all of the little things about him that mattered the most. I remember the sound of his voice when he would sing in the shower and how he would always be so happy when we were together, but it hasn't been that way for a while.

I try to get up and keep on walking slowly as I am looking at the ground. Tears fall down my cheeks at the vivid memories. All of the trees are naked, leaves covering the ground in an assortment of colors. It is almost Like it can feel my sorrow. The limbs hang low and slouch over, as well as everything else in the area. 

I look up and see the spot that Louis and I had first come back here. We had a picknick on a red and white checkered blanket. We layed ontop of each other and would roll around in the grass, laughing. But the vision dissapeared as quick as it came. 

I look back down at the ground and pull out my phone, hopeing to see a warming text message from Louis, but only more texts from the other boys. They wanted to know where i am and if i was okay. I put the phone back in my pocket. 

But as i am doing this, something catches my eye. Over to the left, there is something red. I look closer. They are red Toms sticking out from a pile of dirt and leaves. I suddenly realise those are Louis' Toms!

I run over, yelling his name. I smile and tears escape from my eyes out of happiness. I pull out my phone and quickly text liam where I am and throw it on the ground.

I am starting to brush the leaves and dirt off of Louis, uncovering more of his body. I uncover his arms, but they are motionless. I keep shoving the debris off of him, despite the lack of movement from the mound of leaves. 

I uncover his legs for the most part. Then his stomach and chest. Then i finally get to his head and look at him. 

I pull the uncomfortably still body into my arms and embrase in a hig, but feel no hug back. I keep him in this position, thinking how lucky I am to find him. I finally found him. After all this time, I am the one who found him.

There is no feeling in this world that describes how emotionally happy I am. I get a text back from liam that said he was on his way, but didn't open it. I couldn't break myself from my Boobear after not having him for so long.

I think back to all of the happy memories and realise, it can live on. We can still be together. 

I feel his arms slowly wrap around my back and cry in happiness that he is okay. I tell him how much I love him and that everything will be okay. 

I feel a tear slip off of his cheek and onto my neck. 

I pull away from the hug and kiss hiim on the lips for a long while. It was sweet and passonate, but very weak. 

I pull away slowly, and rest my forehead on his and close my eyes. 

I stay like this for a minute, frozen in time by reality. It still feels unreal. I hear sirens off in the distance which sound like they are getting closer. 

I stroke the side of Louis' face and he grabs my hand in his. 

He looks me in the eyes and gives me a weak smile. i peck him on the lips one more time and Lay him in my lap. 

His eyes flutter back open and looks at me again, giving a faint smile. 

I stroke his hair as he lays there and he opens his mouth.

He opens his mouth as if to say something and it wouldn't come out. Not a single sound. 

A few seconds later, he exhails and his body relaxes, no tention at all. 

I know what happened. He is gone, and gone for good. I try again, to wake him up. Just incase it would work

I shake him as tears roll down my cheeks. I pick him up and lay him on the ground, closing both his eyes. 

I lay my head on his chest and silently cry. Then an idea pops into my head.

Vision blurred, I search for my knife on the ground. Once obtained, I flick it open, examening the sharpness of the blade. I slowly raise it to the right side of my neck and at first press down gently.

I press with more forse, takeing a deep breath at the same time. I slowly, and painfully slide it across my neck, blood oozing out quickly. 

I drop the knife on the ground and start shaking. hard. 

I colapse down on the ground nest to Louis, and afraid, grab his hand. 

My eyes are slowly getting heavy as the edges of my sight is fadeing. Tears are falling freely from my eyes now as I look to the sky. 

I feel my body going numb now, as i can't feel anything below my elbows. 

All of my vision is gone now. 

It is completely black. I hear Liam and Zayn screaming my name, along with Louis'.

Everything is going quiet now. It is peaceful, like it is said to be. At this point, Liam and Zayn can not be heard. 

 "I'm comming Boo."

That is the last thing I said before everything went blank.

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