The Popcorn Story

This is a stroy that my friend Bryanna (Mrs.HarryEdwardStyles245) helped me write. Its a story about a peice a pocorn named fred that never gets popped. So yea, we made a short story for young children.


1. A bag

One day a little piece of popcorn, named Fed, was in a bag with abunch of other curnels just like him. Fred was in in love with a caremel curnel named lucy. Lucy was in another bag but on the sides of the bags were holes just big enough for Fred and Lucy to see each other. The nexy day both bags got put into the microwave and was poped! POP...POP..POP! All but fred got poped that day. Even lucy got poped. They got poured into the same bowl and even enough, Fred landed right next to poped lucy.


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