Leo's Orders (A TMNT Oneshot)

Donnie stays up late, occupied with his new hobby, and Leo gives him some advice.

*Dedicated to my friend Luke, who helped with inspiration.*


1. Leo's Orders (A TMNT Oneshot)


Donnie tapped the mouse pad on his laptop twice, and the box containing the video feed opened up on the screen. It showed him April’s apartment from a position across the street so that he could see her coming from either direction.

There she was now.

Donnie inched closer to the screen, trying to get a better look at her. She seemed relatively happy as she walked up the steps and unhooked her keys from the belt loop of her jeans. Her hair was getting longer, he noticed, and it fell in front of her eyes as she glanced down to select the right key from the ring. Seconds later she had the door unlocked and was inside, out of sight.

He sighed and double tapped the screen again, closing the window down and offering him a glimpse of his sensei’s symbol on his desktop background.

This had been going on for almost two weeks now, his observing her like this. Donnie dared not tell the others for fear they would keep him from doing what he wanted to more than anything: make sure April was safe. Besides that, though, he didn’t want to tell Raph that he had invented a replacement “spy-roach” of sorts...not after what happened the first time.

This is crazy, Donnie thought as he rose from his chair and paced around his lab table to stand in front of the patched-up wall where Mutagen Man had been before his episode on the surface. April was fine before we came into her life. She’ll be fine now that we’re out of it.

He winced at that. Donnie didn’t want to be out of her life. Nothing would have made him happier than to have her come running back to them, forgiving and ready to continue their adventures together. He wanted to be around her as much as possible. That much was obvious from his new hobby of watching her leave her apartment every morning for school and come home every evening, presumably after spending some time with that human boy.

Donnie sighed, crossed his arms, and stared at the wall. I have to face it. She may never come back.


The voice made him jump and whirl around. Surprisingly, Leo was standing in the doorway, looking at him with tired eyes. Donnie thought everyone was in bed.

Leo blinked a few times, trying to dismiss his drowsiness. “Why are you still up?”

“Uh...I was just, um...” Donnie scrambled for an answer. “I was...trying to figure out how I could fix up this wall so that it can be sturdier.”

Leo smiled. “Sure you were, Donnie.”

“Why are you still up?” the scientist countered, walking back over to his desk as Leo entered the lab with him.

“You know me. Always thinking.” Leo stood right in front of his brother now. He crossed his arms and said, “You’re thinking, too. About April, I’m guessing.”

Donnie couldn’t deny it and didn’t feel like trying, so he just sighed and nodded. “I want her to come back, Leo. I miss having her around.”

“We all do,” Leo replied, “but Splinter is right. We have to let her come back when she’s ready.”

“I’m worried about her. For all we know the Kraang are still after her. Maybe the Foot, too. She didn’t get much training done before she left...what if she runs into more trouble than she can handle out there?”

“Donnie.” Leo put a hand on Donnie’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “April will be fine. She is tougher than you think she is.” That being said, he tugged on his brother’s bandana playfully and turned to head out. “Now get some sleep. That’s an order.”

“Heh...right, boss.” Donnie watched him go. Once he was alone again, he sat back down in front of his laptop and pulled up a picture he had taken of April playing video games with Mikey.

I do miss her, he thought, but Leo and Sensei are right. She can handle herself, and she’ll be back. He shut down the computer. I hope.

This time when Donnie moved, it was to walk out of his lab and into his bedroom.

For once he was happy to be following orders. 

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