The Pharaohs curs

The phosphors curs is all about these three kids called Cleo, Rion and Britny who stumble upon a hole which contend a psychotic rampaging phosphor who want to kill who ever comes in his under droned space. But one of them dies in the end.................

Who do you think it will be ?????


1. The pharaohs curs chapter 1

One blazing hot day in Egypt with me Cleo, Rion and Britny where strolling across dusty wast land  when we came across a big black mysterious hole with hieroglyphics across which spelt out  WANING DO NOT GO IN!!!!!

  But Britny said "what are though funny drawing are they to decorate the gowned".                                 

"No it isn't to decorate the gowned is hieroglyphic" Cleo said.

"hiero what ics?" Britny said with a puzzled unsure look on her face  

"Hieroglyphic some thing the Egyptians used to write words". Cleo said

" oh ok then. What does it say". Britny said.   

"I don't know?" Cleo siad

"Ok then so what a should we do go in the hole and  investigate or walk away like wimps". said Rion

"let's go and investigate".Cleo said 

When we went in it was pick black I couldn't see my hand in front my face so then I just remembered that I had  a torch in my side pocket so then I garbed it and then clutched it as tight as I could to never let go. But we herd a mysterious figure said 

"you have woken me from my slumber know you will face terrifying traps and deadly passageways" then he cackled evilly.

Meanwhile are family where going frantic searching for us. They searched in the hotel we where staying in ,the gaming room,in the spa and in food court but just as they came across a hole and they saw are foot print on the floor and went in.

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