Amy Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Amy Harn is the twin sister of Harry Potter. Well, technically she is Amy Potter, but she was adopted, so her surname would be Harn, but she's still a Potter, 100%. She is almost more famous than her brother, Harry. She was the lost twin. The one they think died. But there are still wizards, such as Dumbledore, or even Snape, who think otherwise. Who KNOWS otherwise. And Amy will face challenges that not even Harry could imagine.


1. Prologue

I am Amy Potter. Well, Amy Harn, know. I've always known I'm special. Like the one time that I broke one of my adoptive parent's plates, my adoptive mother's, and then it was fixed the next day, like magic. That's what I've always told myself it is. All the special things I've done. Magic. 

What else should I call it? My mother can get scared at times, but I never do anything bad. My father is always awed at my feats. He believes it's magic, too. And I have a scar. It's a lightning bolt. No one knows what happened to my parents, so they don't know where I got it. It's on my wrist, right under my palm. I always wear long sleeves to hide it.

But things changed. Really changed. One day, I got a letter. It's from a place called Hogwarts. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's addressed to me, Amy Harn. I just really don't understand.

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