These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 
Emis pov

I woke up to the sound of ptv blazing through my speakers. I rolled over to turn it up and slowly got up for my first day of high school. Me and my friend itsy bitsy (her real name she cant tell its a secret:3) aka bitsy had became best friends back in middle school when we both left our friend groups and and decided to be our selfs. She had been with a lot of artsy nerds that were pretty cool but she wanted to be able to talk about music with others not just art. Me on the other hand had a bad phase of trying to fit in. Everyone said I was never good enough and I had to try to act "cool". They said I was weird because I was the only girl who didnt like pop and crap like that. Then afterwards i remember sitting alone at lunch for a week until bitsy decide to sit with me and at first i was scared she would do what the others did until she actually made an effort to get to know me. Turns out she had the same problem as me so we talked and got to know each other and we have been best friends ever since. Anyway i walk to the other side of my room and looked at my pale dark haired figure in the mirror. To be honest i hated the way i looked and I got bullied because of it. After gazing in the mirror I walked into the bathroom to clean up. After pulling on my black sws hoodie and some dark skinny jeans , i applied some makeup but not much and went down stairs. I was greeted by my dog Rhythem and my mom as she ran outside to go to work. I walked into the kitchen to pack my lunch which consisted of tea and some goldfish. I usally didnt eat much because if my shyness around others at school. After that I called up bitsy to pick me up since I couldn't stand the bus ride. I ran back upstairs forgetting to put in my black lip ring along with my 3 piercings on each ear. Then i heard a car honk so I ran downstairs to check if it was bitsy . Immediately i knew it was her. As I hoped it the car i complimented her on her new hair color. She had just dyed it mint green and it was about hip length same as mine. I wasn't aloud to dye my hair but i didn't need too since I was satisfied with my dark blackish color. "Hey I loved your hair" i punched her shoulder to show my enthusiasm. "Thanks i also got gauges last night" so now she had gauges along with her second piercing and spider bites."Awesome !" I yelled almost a little too loudly "are you ready for another year at a new school" i asked twiddling with my thumbs like i always do when I'm nervous "sure i am maybe we can find more friends to fit in with this year" she was always confident about school because she was strong and was better at hiding her nervousness than I was. The rest of the at ride we jammed out to all of our favorite albums because we lived 30 mins away. She parked her small black car in an empty spot far away from other cars because she did want hers to be near others. We got out and went to the auditorium to listen to the announcements about our first day. We got a seat in the back knowing if we were too close to the front things would be throw at us. Until the teachers told us it was alphabetical. My name being Emily (but call me emi) queen I had to sit near the back. On the other hand bitsy was at the front with the last name frix I sat next to a girl who wore way too much makeup and and empty spot. About half way through our boring lecture about starting our life's the empty spot next to me was filled. I had never seen him and he didn't look look like a mean kid he just seemed quiet. I decided to get a better look at him while he was focused on his phone. He had black longer hair and had blueish greenish eyes. To be honest he look like someone I would hang out with. He wore a band tee and skinny jeans. I was lost in though when I heard him speak " do you did something" he snapped back but not in a mean way but in a worried way. "No umm sorry i umm nevermind" i managed to get out. He probably though I was a freak but I had to clear things up.

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