5SOS Imagines/Preferences

5 Seconds of Summer imagines and preferences. Write in the comments if you want one. Put who with and what you look like


1. Luke/Jasmin

Jasmin's POV

I'm sitting in a lounge chair, tanning, and watching Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton play in the pool. They are such little kids. I've known Luke my whole life and he is definitely the goofiest. I'm about to fall asleep when a shadow falls over me. I open my eyes to see Ashton and Michael standing over me.

"Guys?" I say uneasily, before I know it they pick me up and are carrying me to the pool. "Guys stop!! I can't-." That's all I can get out before I'm tossed into the pool.

Luke's POV

Me and Calum are talking when we hear a big splash come from the pool. I look over to see the boys laughing, I look over at the lounge chair that Jasmin WAS in. My eyes go wide.

"You idiots!" I yell running over to the pool, "she can't swim!!" I quickly dive in. I spot her at the bottom of the pool and quickly grab her. She is unconscious. I bring her to the top and we surface. I drag her out of the pool and lay her in the grass. I put my head up against her chest, not breathing. I take a deep breath and press my lips against hers. I can't loose her, I can't loose Jasmin. I begin CPR as tears brim my eyes. Calum is the only one that knows that I'm in love with. I put my head in my hands and begin to cry.

"L-Luke," I hear Jasmin cough. I look up to see her sitting up.

"Jasmin!" I exclaim, hugging her tight, "I almost lost you." She hugs me back and I smile, "I love you, more than I friend," I mumble.

"Me too," she says. I pull back from the hug and look into her deep brown eyes, I find myself leaning in as I brush loose strands of her brown hair behind her ear. My lips meet hers, and it sends a tingling sensation through my body. We pull apart and I smile.

"You have do idea how long I've been wanting to do that," I smile and she giggles.

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