The Cat's Bite,

You might find it insignificant to quicken your fate. This is, by all means, until you recognise the course of your destiny.
You have heard millions of stories. Tales of the past, articles of the present, and adventures of the fictional future. But you have never heard the legacy of the forgotten. The legacy of Blaire Murphy. The spy that goes by the name Cat, though she is sure to keep the sacrifice of her nine lives hidden.
Cat is admiring of thrill, putting her life on the thin line balanced out by uncertainty and secrets. She was an expert. She never failed a mission, that was until the day that she didn’t return.


1. A ghost from the past


Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat.

~Robert A. Heinlein

She walks into the room with pride, her head held high, and her legs gracefully striding at an even pace. She ignores the quickly hushed silence, ignores the admiring stares, and walks up to the door. The golden plate states his rank, contrasting boldly upon the ebony. Her expression is plain and it remains so until he peeks through the blinds to see why everyone was so quiet. He opens the door. "Blaire" he gulps, taking a second look. 'I"m sorry, please come in" he stutters, a little uneasily.

She hadn't seen him in seventeen years. "Why, why, it's Cyrus Harper, your a big boy now I see, grown out of those scuffed shoes" she nods, glancing at his feet. "And toy guns" he adds smiling, then he reconsiders himself, turning serious. His face now displays clear worry, his rough tone distsnt "why are you here Bl-" she cuts him off "Cat" she corrects harshly. He didn't need to know the gory details of her visit, to cut it short it was for revenge. And she felt very revengous. "And you know why" he gives her the death stare, the final warning before she finishes her reason "Its time to play Cat and Mouse"...

"Look, I know that you're undercover now, but you can't just act differently because you're disguesed as a person that doesn't even legally exist" he tells her. "Nine lives" she replies. "What?" he questions. "Over fifteen years i've been in this buisness, nine different characters. I'd like to believe I know a little better than a sargent that chases criminals waving his badge and gun around. I am a different person each time. A different life. So yeah, I think I can act a little differently Harper. Thats the whole point!". Silence. "So you're here for revenge?".

She sighs as if the answer was obvious. Even if it was, she couldn't let him know, she didn't exactly play by the book. "Even if I was looking for revenge, I wouldn't have come here, would I? And I'd be a little on the late side by now. It's Caitlin". "Bl- I mean 'Cat', what happened?" an expression of concern growing on his usually confident face . "Last time. I done something that I wasn't exactly...what do you call it?" He smirks now, "Legal"he suggests. She raises her eyebrows "I was looking for more...Instructed" She frowns "So yeah, legal". "What did you do?". "I went my sister".

His expression now blank, he asks "Why? How?". Not many could confuse Cyrus Harper. But some could, one being her. "Do I have to spell it out for you, I disguesed myself as Caitlin, though it didn't take much, I didn't even have to dye my hair" She sighs "It was this guy she had told me about 'Henry Croft'" she remembers..."He called himself 'Green finger'"...

She's back in the greenhouse, the smell strong, defining to her scent. She walked around the corner examining the illegal substances growing on the racks of greenery. She felt a hand, cold on her shoulder. Turning around slowly, un-aroused, diverting his suspicion. He pulls her in, kissing her "Today's the day, Caity, old green finger here's gonna get the big bucks"  he was grining through a collousel of yellowed teeth and bad breath.

It was all she could do to stare, how could her sister have ever trusted him in the first place. Even if he didn't look like a criminal, which he did, he wasn't exactly David Beckham. She smiled aloud. Wasnt exactly even at Scrooge standerds. His moulth's dislay was wide, smirking back at her. This guy was a perfect mimic of the rest. Acting like they knew it all, not knowing what was coming.

Harper looked alarmed when her attention returned to the small, ebony office..."Green Finger?!". "Yeah, but its not what you think" she smiles widely, "He grows stuff, well he did, until he met me" his smile is symetrical to hers, their glances meeting. He  was leaning on the desk behind him, her casually hovering in the centre of the room. "You sent him to jail?" he asks. "Sure, but not for long" she suddenly rembembers why she in fact was there, "What do you mean?". His confusion returns..."He escaped Harper, they all did".


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