Diary of the Unwanted Sister

Meet Brielle. She's 16 and stuck in the middle of her divorced parents feuding, her family's constant battles and is now about to get the shock of her life. Her mother is marrying her arch enemy's father and her father is moving in with her arch enemy's best friends mother. Could anything get any worse but with her diary by her side, will this unwanted sister become wanted?


1. My Beginning

Hi I'm Brielle. I'm 16 and I'm stuck in the middle of my parents constant arguments, so is my sister Kadie. I live in Orlando, FL and have most of my life, but I was born in North Carolina as my parents were gonna move to Florida anyway after I was born so they did as soon as they left the hospital. My hairs is pale pink and I've been dying it since my parents destructive relationship broke down and its been colours like Black to Red to Blond to multiple colours of Ombre before sticking at pink and letting it fade, I'm still not completely over the divorce but I'm getting alone fine now I'm used to it. Kadie was born pon 5th June 2006 and she was the result that made my parents rocky relationship improve until they divorced 4 years ago. I live with my mom Monday to Thursday and my dad the rest of the week, I know its complicated moving house to house every week but its better than being stuck in a custody conflict and ending up being with my slobby dad or snobby mom everyday. My mom bought me this diary so I could talk about my feelings and Im sure I'll be using it as my life has as many ups and downs as a rollercoaster, my mom is a workaholic who only lives for the finer things in life, my dad goes through girlfriends like I go through foundation bottles (very fast!) And my sister, who's now 7 is turning into mini mom! I'm sure this will help me fix my crappy life a lot better than the shrink mom sent me to when I first started becoming a problem, so I'm sure I'll fill you in on the stuff going on.

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