Forbidden City

Taylor Morgan feels as though she doesn't belong in Detroit. She may be popular, she may be on the Detroit Tigers cheerleading squad, but she doesn't feel like she fits in. But, when she goes through a place portal called a Garven, she meets a boy, a boy who can't get out of this Forbidden City. Has she found her Dream Boy and her rightful home.

1. One

"Will I see you again?" Taylor asked. Logan shrugged mindlessly. Taylor frowned again. "Thats not an answer. Yes or no?"

"Probably not Tay. It's not you, it's me." Logan answered. It was as though he had never existed after he had left. He had to leave. But he didn't have to. Oh but he did.

I shook my head to get the flashback of my ex boyfriend out of my mind. He could've stayed but he had to go.

"Taylor Morgan." Said Mr Fulham. I nodded. "As you're not listening, answer this question: what is 3x=7+x?"

"Um..7?" I answered, as his frown went down another inch.

"I knew you weren't listening." He said angrily. "Maisy Bane. What is-"

"Mr Full-of-himself? Why do we have to go around the class answering algebra?" Said Cody Kale. The 56 year old's frown dropped to the floor.

"It is called education, Cody Kale. Now go to the office and give Ms. Sandbury this envelope. Don't open it." He said and handed him a sealed brown envelope.

"What's in it for me?" Asked Cody. The whole class cracked up with laughter. It seemed only me and Sam Little were the only ones straight faced. Me because Cody was serious and Sam because she hates Cody.

"A second more of break than anyone else." He offered.

"What is in there Mr Fulham?" Asked Maria Stubb.

"That's between me and Ms. Sandbury. Now shoo to the office Cody." He said. "Carry on."

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