Way Back When

It's the fifth year for Harry, Ron, and Hermione and Hermione was allowed to keep the time-turner from her third year. It was a normal day and Harry gets the idea to use the time-turner and go back in time to save famous people from their terrible fate. They waited weeks to go back and then Ron got detention for punching Draco in the face. The day after detention Draco comes back for revenge on Ron and he shoots curses at them and ends up hitting the time-turner; making them go back to the time period where Harry's parents before the became his parents are in their fifth year. Now they are trying to kill Voldemort so Harry's parents will never die.

1. Waiting

      "So Harry what are we going to do today?" Ron asked. "I don't know! Why do I have to come up with what we do?!" Harry asked aggravated. "I don't know. I guess because you're Harry Potter." Ron said taken aback by Harry's rudeness. "Great reason Ron, but I don't believe you!" Harry said sarcastically. Then Hermione walked over to see Ron casting nervous glances a Harry. "What's wrong Ron? You and Harry are always laughing and having fun together. Now you just keep casting nervous glances at him." Hermione said worriedly. "Harry's acting a bit strange today. Have you noticed?" Ron asked. How could I have noticed it Ron? This is my first time seeing him today." Hermione explained. Then Harry walked over and Ron's shoulders stiffened up. "What's wrong Ron?" Harry asked in a cheerier one than before. Seeing that Harry was in a much happier mood Ron unstiffened his shoulders. "Nothing's wrong with me! Why would you ask that?" Ron asked choosing his words carefully. "I just thought because your shoulders stiffened up." Harry said suspiciously. "Well Harry, did you find anything for us to do?" Hermione asked breaking the silence. "Actually, yes I did. Do you still have the time-turner Professor McGonagall let you keep?" Harry asked. Hermione pulled the chain that was around her neck to reveal the time-turner. "Great! I was thinking that we could go back in time and save important people from their terrible fate." Harry explained. "I know I'm not one for breaking the rules, but I think that this might be really fun to do!" Hermione said. Ron's mouth fell open as he looked at Hermione. "Harry did you just hear that? What Hermione just said?" Ron asked surprised. "Yes I did hear what she just said. Now I'm starting to think the whole is going world is going mad!" Harry said with his mouth open too. "Why so surprised boys?" Hermione giggled. "You said you were going to break the rules!" Harry said. "Harry, you and Ron already know that this isn't my first time breaking the rules." Hermione sighed. "Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry Hermione." Ron said embarrassed. "I think we should find somewhere secret to go back in time." Harry said thoughtfully. "Obviously Harry. We'll also need everyone to be asleep when we do go back in time." Hermione said. "Here's a thought; we do it tonight. We can do it in the common room when everyone's sleeping. We can grab a stack of books and pretend to stay up and read them. Then when they're all asleep, we can go back in time." Ron said. "Ron you're a genius!" Hermione squealed. "I know I am Hermione." Ron said proudly. "Stop goofing around and let's go get our books. It's nearly time to start." Harry said anxiously. so the three kids pounded down the corridors until they reached the library. "Pick out something you'll actually read." Hermione scolded. Harry, Ron, and Hermione started scrounging around the library for at least an hour. Finally they met at back at the door with a little stack of books in their hands. "Well that took longer than I thought it would." Harry said awkwardly. "Who cares, we have to go now or else we'll get in trouble by Filch!" Hermione said. Then they walked to the Gryffindor common room and saw a good amount of people sitting by the fire reading or talking. "This is brilliant! We have to wait for all these people to go to sleep?!" Ron asked furiously. "You can wait Ron. I'm sure it won't take long before they go to bed." Hermione said trying to cheer Ron up. Three hours later there were still kids sitting around in the common room. "Harry I give up! I'm going up to bed right now!" Ron yelled grumpily. "Ron you can't give up now! Everyone is about to go to bed!" Hermione said. "How do you know Hermione?" Ron asked. "Well just look around Ron. Everyone seems to be getting up and walking to their dormitories." Hermione said. Shortly after Hermione explained to Ron that everyone was leaving, everyone left. "Wow, perfect timing." Harry said impressed. "How... how did you do that Hermione?" Ron asked star-struck. "I just told you that everyone would leave soon. I was right too." Hermione laughed. They looked around to make sure that nobody was still in there. "Looks like nobody's is in here. Let's get ready to go back in time!" Harry said gleefully. Then Neville walked out of the dormitory to see them. "Get in bed guys." Neville said groggily. So they went to bed. Weeks later they FINALLY got to go back in time. Just not the way they were expecting to.   

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