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Ok, I had the idea to do like a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can!
Please see our fantastic collection of Artists to choose from!


1. Explanation

Okay, I had the idea to do a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can. Please be aware that not all the artists may be able to take requests at any given time, so you need to speak to the artist you prefer and organise it with them.


What you need to do:

1) Choose who you want to draw it. (See examples on next page)

2) Leave a comment below with your character description. Make sure to tag the artist you want!

3) Favourite the Movella (that way yo know about any updates or when your picture is posted)

4) Wait. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s done, or contact you if we have any extra questions.

5) If you like your Character Pic, please share this with anyone else you think would want one and/or fan the artist or like this movella (Or all three!)!


For the description we need to know:

1) The height/weight of the character (tall/short, fat/thin... etc).

2) The colouring of the character. (Eyes, hair, skin… etc)

3) Clothing choice.

4) Age of the character.

5) Gender.

6) Any distinguishing features.

7) A small bit about their personality (sassy, shy, happy... etc). 

8) Their story genre.

9) Hairstyle.

10) Name of character.

11) The artist you want to draw your picture (see next page).

12)  If you're asking for more than one character, whether you want them in the same picture or not. Please be aware multiple character will take longer.

13) Any other requests.


If you have any question, just ask below!


Our artists are:



The Creative Writer


Our previous artists


Rebecca Watson



The Waiting List

I've had a few people wondering where they are on the waiting list, so I'm going to post it here. I will update it whenever I receive a new character bio, and will remove those who have been completed. In parentheses next to the name is the amount of characters that were asked for.

It is run on a first come first served basis, and I only take three requests per artist at any one time.



Djooo^-^ (1)

Djooo^-^ (2)



Traya Ren

Capt. Alora Wiley



The Creative Writer



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