Character Store

Ok, I had the idea to do like a Cover Store but for characters. So basically you give us a description of your character, and we’ll draw it as best as we can!
Please see our fantastic collection of Artists to choose from!


2. Examples

Here are the examples of our work.

Remember to tag the artist you want!






Hey! It's Sierra!

So here is an example of my work:

(Sorry I'm not as good as Madouc and Rebecca.)

I can't do manga and chibi, but I'm pretty good at cartoon art! ^_^ I'm best at drawing dogs, cats, and people, but I really can't draw robots or mythical creatures (besides dragons.)

Sorry if it's not the right size, I use a basic computer drawing program that doesn't allow me to change the size/format. Also, please be patient! I can't get it all done in a nanosecond!

-The Creative Writer



Hey! ChelberNo1 here - I've just joined! I'm relatively new-ish to drawing, especially digital drawing, but here's an example of what I can do!


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