Emily is normal but some of her memories haunt her

A/n* hey guys umm I need one co author to help me with this story and one person to be Emily's friend so please comment and tell me and I will update feaded soon I just need some more ideas so bye love ya


1. nightmare

" ahhhhh " I woke up screaming while crying " I'm sorry " I yelled I pulled my knees up to my chest while rocking back and forth

I wiped my eyes and got out of my bed to the bathroom I opened my cabinet and grabbed my meds I popped the cap off and took two out I grabbed my cup on the counter and filled it with water I swallowed my pills with my water I rubbed my eyes and walked to my bedroom I seen a dark shadow standing towards the window " h-hello " I stuttered the shadow turned around " you're not sorry you liar " the thing shouted then I realized what it was him I never want to see him again I decided I would go for a walk yeah I know a walk in 4:00 in the morning so I put on sum sweats and shoes and put a sweater over I walked to my door and opened it and left after locking it I walked off I felt someone watching me I started to run I heard footsteps behind me I started breathing heavily I stopped there's no point of running so I stopped I turned around " what do you want from me I'm so-sorry " I broke out in tears I looked at the figure standing there " I'm going to give you one chance and if you don't notice ......well you'll be seeing a lot of me " he said I got up and started walking again I was still scared of that the fact that he still remembers what happened I just never thought it would come to this he his name was Luke he's ummm it can't really place this right I'm scared you'll think I'm lying but I'm not he's not human not a ghost or an angel vampire he's like the devil in a human costume he's what you call a devils minion but he doesn't work for the devil he's after me and I had these dreams that if I don't fix anything he would drag me to hell people think I'm physco I'm not its true . I kept on walking down the sidewalk when I seen boey he's this little creature that was created by Luke but boey keeps an eye on me I heard him snicker " h-hi boey " I stuttered see boey kinda feels bad for me that I'm Being taunted by Luke ( this is not Luke hemmings ) " hi Emily " he said in his Tiny voice then boey nodded and disappeared well I'm used to it I have no friends and is hard for me to make friends too

_skip to morning _

I woke up to the fucking sound of crashing in my kitchen I knew it was boey sometimes Luke gets mad at him so I let him stay with me so he's not actually braking anything that's the sound of him crying so I got up went in to the area he was in and said " boey you okay " I asked " n-no " he said " what's wrong " I said as I picked him up " Luke he changed his mind he's gonna drag you to hell " he said in a stern voice I knew he would I just never thought now after all I'm physco right " Luke said he going to do it tonight so I thought I would tell you " boey said cracking up in tears " it's okay boey " I hugged him he then vanished again I guess this is it tonight's the night

Skip to night

I was sitting in my bed waiting and waiting for him I then seen the figure in my room " well what are you waiting for " I screamed at him his eyes glowed with the colour of black he grabbed me by the leg and pulled me to a dark place .

I woke up to a dark room I started freaking out I turned to see Luke standing beside my blind spot I could hear the scratching ( ok guys I need to tell you something luke is drum roll please ................ Luke hemmings ) I could feel his breathing on my neck " you know I'm gonna torture the hell out of you " I could hear his voice I just sat there terrified my breathing slowed down more and more I felt dizzy really dizzy I didn't know why I opened my eyes to see Luke face to face with me his eyes black I could feel his hand slide up to my neck he traced a devil symbol on it he leaned in and whispered in my ear " you know I could just turn you into one " I gulped I heard him snicker next thing I know he's moving my sweater off my shoulder my breathing hitched he leaned in and kissed my shoulder where my scar was I looked away as to feel pain in my eyes and head I muffled in pain " agh what have you done " I screamed he snickered while he watched me in the pain I was in " oh shut up it will only hurt a bit " Luke nagged I felt the pain go away " see it's okay now " he said he lifted his hands to my face he wiped my eyelids I looked at my reflection in his eyes to see my eyes are black I was about to scream when he covered my mouth with his hand " w-why did you do this to me " I started to panic " well you did what you did on that day " he said " I said I was sorry " I screamed " how about this I'll send you back to earth but you will become demon at night and when I want I can turn you into one at day if I want " he whispered in my ear " o- ok " I stuttered he chuckled " and I will visit you each day " he said I shook my head yes he leaned in and kissed my lips I was confused so confused I pushed him off of me his eyes turned black " I'm sorry Luke " I stuttered he shook his head he pushed me through the glass window I hit a soft ground every thing went black

I woke up in my bed to see Luke smiling at me " hey your welcome " he said " thanks " he just shook his head I got up and went to my dresser only to find new clothes " I got you different clothes " Luke said I just shook my head " umm can you leave so I can change my clothes please " I asked him he shook his head no I frowned I started to pull my shirt off and grabbed a crop top that was white with golden triangles I pulled it on and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a random pair of socks I looked over to see Luke biting his lip while staring at me I was walking to the door when Luke said " where are you going " " ummmm I'm going to the bar or just might get some candy and come back but mostly likely the bar " I said running out breath " oh " he snickered I just nodded and left I to the bar

-skip walk to the bar -

I walked into the doors of ' old saints' bar straight up to the counter " hey what can I get for you " a green haired boy asked " just a beer please " I asked he nodded he passed me one " thanks " " no problem " I just nodded and drank some the boy with the green hair came up to me " so uh what brings you here " he asked " just wanted a few beers that's all " he nodded " oh umm my name is Michael if your wondering " he said " nice to meet you I'm Emily fletcher " I said holding out my hand " oh I know you we'll I heard of you but your that physco girl right " he said " yeah I'm physco " I sighed " sorry I didn't mean to sound rood " Michael said " no it's okay it true I am " I said looking away at the clock to read 12:30

Lukes pov

It was 12:30 chuckling to my self monster time ! as I took a knife and cut my hand and put it on her silver necklace she should turn just about now

Back to Emily at the bar

I felt the weird feeling in my face " umm Michael where's the bathroom " he pointed to the door on my right I got up and ran to the bathroom I looked into the mirror to see my eyes black and sharp teeth replacing my other teeth I felt this taking over me I walk out of the bathroom to sit in the same spot " hey Emily you okay " Michael asked worried " no I'm fine " I said gulping " are you sure you don't look so good " " I said I'm fine " I shouted " ok sorry " he muttered walking off that's it I can't take it I let take over me next thing I know blood is every where I'm drinking blood from the front of the neck on this girl I heard a whimper it came behind the counter I dropped the dead body and walked to the spot I looked to see Michael sitting there holding his knees I smiled and leaned in to but his front neck only to feel back to normal I looked at myself then looked at Michael only to Burst in tears of sacredness " I'm a monster I'm a monster " I kept on repeating to my self I looked at Michael he was starring at me " go ahead kill me I don't want this anymore " I said while crying " he grabbed a piece of broken glass he got closer to me and raised it to my heart and jabbed it in I waited and waited I couldn't die " how and what are you " he said " I don't know you wouldn't believe me " I said while wiping blood off my mouth " you umm got blood on your nose too " he said to me nodding I wiped it off I heard sirens " I have to go Michael " I said getting up he pulled me back down " can you take me with you " he said " I can't " " please " " fine " I pulled him up and we ran out the back door we ran to a dark alley to stop for a bit I could hear him breathing heavily " you okay Michael " I asked " yeah just out of shape to do this " he chuckled I nodded I heard the sirens far away from here I was about to walk out when Michael pulled me back he pulled out a wipe cloth and wiped the spots of blood I couldn't get he looked at me and gave me thumbs up I walked out if the alley with Michael I was walking to wards home i turned around to Michael " well I live here so you can umm g-" only to be interrupted by a phone call by Luke " hello " I said " invite him up he already knows what you are I'm at my house so yeah and when the time comes I want you to turn him into one too bye " he said " oh umm do you want to come to my house or....." " ok yeah sure " he said I nodded and opened the door to show him the house only to see my coffee table broken in two " shit "I muttered " what is it " Michael said " one sec " " boey are you in my house " I shout only to hear " yes I'm in the cabinet " " okay " " who's boey " Michael asked

Hey guys I'm so sorry for this bad news but I'm deleting movella and I won't be writeing no more story's because I have wattpad and it's the same name as this account soo sorry bye

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