Hi, I'm Melody. When I was 8 I was given to an adoption service. Now I'm 11. I don't care about anything but my little bro, Jordan, But Jordan's less than have my age. If I'm ever going to be adopted he has to come with me.


1. The Adoption Centre


Melody's P.O.V


This adoption centre is called Happy Times Adoption Centre. But it's nothing like what it's supposed to be like. Ugh.

"GET DOWN HERE NOW YOU DISGUSTING PIMPLES! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING HERE TO ADOPT SOMEONE!" Maggie, the adoption centre manager, screamed at us all.

"Coming!" I said. I quickly packed all of my stuff and my brothers stuff. He couldn't do it 'cause he was only 3 and a half. I put my phone in my pocket, making sure no one could see it. I picked Jordan up and carried him downstairs. I sat him down on a chair and dragged a chair for me and put it next to him.

"Sit sit sit ." he whispered to me. I sat down and waited another 5 minutes for this group of people called 'One Direction'.


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