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Have you ever wanted a completely inexperienced writer in the terms of college degrees and has only written on a writing website and read the stories to her pet cat to review your fantastic stories? Well now you can! I have finally decided to make a movella for Book Reviews! This is both for real books and for your movellas so fill out the form below and I will get to you ASAP!


1. Want a Review?

I am giving out FREE book reviews on Movellas and you could be the next customer! Just fill out the form below and I’ll get to you ASAP.

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Anything Specific You Want Me to Look At:


There are a couple rules though.

1. As I am not an adult and would rather not review a book of people just having endless make-out sessions, please don’t submit any movellas that have a red rating.

2. I am truly sorry Directioners/Beliebers but don’t submit any movellas that are about Justin Beiber or One Direction. I don’t think there’s anything else to say about that.

3. To be able to review a movella, I will need more than a couple paragraphs to fully give a review so don’t submit any movellas that don’t take at least 8 minutes to read. It will say the approximate time it will take to read under the Fandom and Genre.

I will also be having a movella of the week which is my favorite movella that I've read and reviewed that month. That author’s name and movella will be put into by bio as the Movella of the month.  

Submit your movellas in the comments below! I can’t wait to see what you guys have.

P.S You just might want to favorite this movella so you know when your story has been reviewed! Thank you. 

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