The Boy in the Plaid

Haley was 17, and her mom just died and she hade to move in with her cousins but they lived in Wolverhampton, UK. She's not so happy about it until she meets the boy next door.


1. Chapter 1


sorry if its crappy this is my first movella hope you like it

<3 Brittany <3


"You can't make me go, Carter!" I yelled.

"I know I can't but you know if up don't come with me, you will end up in foster care." Carter reminded me. "And Wyatt and Chris are hoping you will come with me."

"And they come up again! Do you want me to come or are they just making you come and get me?" I asked him and he said he wanted me to come but really they were just making him come and get me.

Wyatt and Chris really liked it when I came but Carter always ignored me. I didn't know why. Maybe because I'm older but I really didn't care.

When we got on the plane, Carter started saying something but I didn't listen. I was thinking about what Wolverhampton would be like. I haven't been there before because my mom never wanted us to leave the country, or even the state for that matter. So I've never been to Wyatt's place. He, Chris and Carter always came to our place to visit. I have to go to there because my mom just died and i don't want to live by myself so they gave me two options either I go into foster care and live on my own a year later or live with my cousins. I chose my cousins.

"How long until we get there, Carter?" I must have interrupted him because he gave me the look saying I had interrupted him. Honestly I wanted to interrupt him. 

"2 and a half hours, Haley. You should go to sleep." Carter told me. I told him I wasn't tired and I sat there looking out the window.


"Haley, get up we're there!"Carter said waking me up.

"Sorry Carter." I said. I got up and followed him off the plane.

We went to go find Wyatt because he was picking us up. When we got there Wyatt wasn't there so we waited for him, but after a half an hour Carter finally decided to call him.

Wyatt totally forgot he had to pick us up and Chris picked us up instead.

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