Kiss Me Kiss Me

"Kiss me, Livi," I say to her her.

"I can't, Ash," she says.

Copyright © 2014 Horan Girl

Cover by: Michael's Kitten


1. Chapter One

Ashton's POV-

"Hello Hemmings family!" I yell throughout the house I just walked into.

"Hello Ashton. I'm sorry, but Luke isn't here right now," Liz tells me.

"I know," I say and walk over to staircase. 

"Then why are you here, honey?" she asks me.

"To see Olivia," I say and walk up the stairs and go to her door. I knock on it. She opens it up and I smile at her but she groans.

"What do you want, Irwin?" she asks rudely and walks away from the door and sits on her bed, going back to writing something in her journal. No one knows what she puts in that journal, but man would I love to know.

"Well hello to you too, Hemmings," I smile and sit down next to her.

"Please move," she says and tenses up.

"Oh, is poor Livi scared of me?" I tease her.

"No, but I like my personal space," she says and goes to sit at chair nearby. I sigh and turn my body towards her.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I like Olivia. I have known the Hemmings family almost my whole life. I met Luke when we were two and Olivia when she was one. Livi means the world to me. I know everything about her and she knows everything about me. But she hates me. I have no idea why. I'm nice to her and I try and care for her. She doesn't allow it. I would do anything to be able to hold her in my arms and call her mine.

I think everyone knows I like her. She's oblivious though. She just thinks I'm a pig who hopelessly flirts with her because I think she's 'easy'. That couldn't be more false though. I love her. I do. I don't look at other girls the way I look at Liv, I don't talk to other girls the way I talk to her, I don't think about other girls the way I think about her. She's the only one for me.

I'm just waiting for the day when she realizes I'm the only one for her.

Luke knows I like her. But he trusts me. I've known her forever and he knows I would never harm her. She's an angel. I love her so much.

I get up and walk towards the door. As I'm opening the door, I feel a small, warm hand grab my arm. I turn to look at Livi. She's so beautiful.

"I'm sorry I was mean to you. You were just trying to be nice," she says as she looks up at me.

"Kiss me, Livi," I say to her.

"I can't, Ash," she says and let's go of my arm.

"Why not?" I sadly say.

"Because I don't feel that way about you," she says and breaks contact from my eyes.

I turn away and go through her door.

"Ashton, wait!" she says and comes running after me. I ignore her and go into the backyard. I go over to the side fence and unlatch the hook on the door. My house is next door and our families are good friends so my dad put a door in our fence.

I go through the door and then lock it back. I walk up the steps to enter my house. When I get in, I go to my room and slam the door.

"Hey man," Calum says and walks into my room.

I'm actually in a band. 5 Seconds of Summer. It's me, Luke, Calum and Michael. We're all best mates, which is cool.

"Hey," I say and bury my face in my pillow.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Liv problems," I say. They know about my feelings for her too.

"Maybe it's time for you to move on," he suggests.

"That's like telling me to move on from the love of my life. I love her, Cal! I don't want anyone else, I want her. She's everything to me. I can't move on, Cal," I say. I hear a weird creaking sound, but I ignore it because I'm so sad.

"Okay, okay. Don't get all sappy on me," he laughs and sits down on my computer chair.

"Ashton!" I hear someone call me from down the hallway. They don't seem too happy.

I see Luke walk in my room and he has a disappointed look on his face.

"You okay?" I ask him.

"What did you do to my sister?" he asks me.

"Nothing. I just went over there to see her and she flipped out on me, she then apologized, I told her to kiss me, she refused, I got angry and walked out. I mean it's nothing unusual," I say. I always try to get her to kiss me and she always says no. That's why she thinks I'm a pig. I'm not though.

"Well she stormed into the house and slammed her door," he says.

"Maybe it's her time of the month," Calum brings up. Luke and I shrug.



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