Save Me

Chloe Shell hasn't had the best of life. Since, her mother dying in a car accident when she was younger, and then her fiancé running away on their wedding day. Chloe has just about given up on love. But, that's when she meets him. Niall Horan. He's the new boy in school, and is willing to die for her. Then there's Harry Styles, a boy who is seeking to destroy her. But, as love blossoms and hate turns to love. Who will save her?
© Copyright Sabitha.K, All rights reserved (All my work, including any of my chapters, prologues, epilogues, covers, aren't too be copied, broadcasted, stolen by anyone, other than myself) This is my story, so no copying or anything. Sabitha.K is the author of this novel.


1. Prologue

How did an angel become a devil? He did anyhow. I look at him, and can't recognize him any more, his ruptured face of an angel snarls at me coldly, he swings the baseball bat against my head. Crack! I hear the sound of my bones crack, as I collapse on the ground. I cough blood up, the pain in my head agonizing. Why? I thought he loved me. I thought he would protect me. He kneels beside me, and strokes my dark brown hair, and then pulls it tightly, causing my head to jerk at him. His cold glares pierce into my brown ones. His eyes look at me with rage and anger, his lips curled to a smile. Blood. Broken. Battered. That was how I was feeling, and could see.

I look up at the ceiling, and I knew where we were. Our high school gym. A place which reeked of sweat and filth. A place, which I had visited so many times, doing our physical exercise. I never knew this would be the place, where I would die as well. The floors brown and hard, my nails scratch the floor, making a clawing noise. I didn't want to die. Not now. My whole body ached tremendously, and all I wanted to do was make all the pain end. But, I didn't want to die as well. I wanted time to turn back to yesterday, where my only problems were doing my homework, and having a stalking ex. That was nothing compared to today, where I was battling my life out. 

"Why?" I whispered, tears trickling down my face.

"I am the angel that loved you, and I am the angel who will take away your life." He told me.

I heard in tales, that dying by the one you loved didn't hurt. They lied. It did hurt a lot more. The pain of knowing that the person you loved, didn't love you, hurt. It hurt me to know they were all lies, he didn't really love me. Love was lie. It didn't exist. No! It does exist. I just trusted the wrong guy. Loved the wrong guy. I hurt my true one, while I believed the devil instead. I knew loving the wrong guy would only cause me pain.

"Angel. More of the devil." I say quietly, coughing.

"Call me what you want princess. For the devil, is what I truly am." his angelic voice laughs at me.

Suddenly, the door bangs violently, and I hear his voice screaming. My true love, locked behind these doors. At least he wouldn't have to see me like this. He's crying, saying it's his fault, my angel. My devil sees me crying at my angel, and then cackles like a wicked witch. Scared. Frightened. Terrified.

He takes one last swing towards my head, causing my world to turn black.

"Save me." I whisper in protest.

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