365 Coffee Cups

What happens when a boy meets a girl for only a couple minutes everyday with only the coffee cup being transferred from one hand to the next as a topic for a discussion that is yet to be evolved.

**Cover by: Raven711**


1. 2 Coffee Cups

“Dude, let’s go get a cappuccino.”

“Luke, we’re gonna be late for school. Do you even wanna graduate? We have exams in only a few weeks and believe it or not, I would like to be on that stage in a cap and gown, receiving my high school diploma.”

“Of course, I wanna graduate, but we’re not gonna miss anything important if we take 15 extra minutes before class to get a cappuccino.” Luke replied.

“Fine” I answered back in annoyance.

I turned my car around and started heading to Timmy’s. I would love to stop at Timmy’s every day, grab some coffee and relax, but that is not how life works. Obviously, Luke doesn’t understand that yet. Luke is my best friend. He has been my entire life. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for him to push my buttons, because he knows me as if I were his brother. But no matter how much he annoys me, I’m glad that I have him as a friend. Ok, enough mushy thoughts Jaxon, I scolded myself silently as I pulled up into the Timmy’s drive-thru.

“Ok Luke, we’re here. What do you want?”

Luke looked up from his phone and replied “A medium French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme”

“A medium French Vanilla SUPREME?” I repeated.

“Ya, you got a problem with what I drink?”

“No, it’s just… SUPREME!! Who are you, the queen of England? Why don’t you just get a normal cappuccino?”

“Umm… ‘Cause a cappuccino supreme tastes like an angel came down from heaven and was liquefied into a hot beverage but, a normal cappuccino, tastes like an angel took a really discussing crap in a cup and then sent it down from heaven. Do you see the difference Jaxon?”

“Umm… you realize that your comparing drinks to the exceedingly gross remnants of an angel, right?” I asked slowly. He nodded and then he buried his face back into his phone and once again, it was just me and my thoughts. There must be a lot of people heading off to work at this time. There’s like, 50 cars in front of us. Ok, I admit, I may be exaggerating a little, but still, this is a long frickin’ wait.

I got bored after a while and started trying to strike up a conversation with Luke again. “So…. Uh, Luke, who’ya textin”

“No one”

“Does this no one have a name?”


“And that name is?”


“Is Riley a girl?”


“Ok” I said slowly, unsure of what to say next. We started moving forward. We pulled up to the electronic sign and waited until the voice said it was okay to start ordering. A minute passed before a voice came through the speaker.

“Hello. Welcome to Tim Horton’s. How can I help you?”

“Uh, hi. I would like a French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme and… actually; I’ll have two of those and a Boston cream donut.

“And will that be all for today.”


“Okay, that’ll be $5.65, second window.”

“Thank you”

I drove forward, the voice fading away as I became further and further from it. “Hello. Welcome to Tim Hort…” I heard her say from a distance. "I feel like I know that voice but, I can't figure out from where...Hmm"

“Dude… Stop talking to yourself.” Luke looked at me glaringly.

“I was talking out loud?”


“About…. What?” I asked shyly, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Just some non-sensicle crap like voices! Are you hearing voices? Please don't tell me my friend is going bonkers.”

“First of all, I'm not crazy and secondly, how does non-sensicle make any sense at all?” I ask

“Actually, it does make sense, because I made it up.”

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Luke, but, non-sensicle? Ya, that’s not a word.” We moved forward, a couple inches, and then again and finally the car in front of us left, and we were free to move up. At the window, a girl, she looks about my age, maybe a little younger, slid the window open.

“$5.65” Was all she said. I dig around in the glove box and finally managed to scrape up the money. I passed it to her, the change jingling as my hand moved. I rested my hand on top of hers and started to tip my hand so that the change would fall into her palm. Her hand was soft and dainty. I removed my hand and then I moved my gaze upward towards her eyes. They were bright blue and they sparkled more than anything I'd ever seen. How could one person be so beautiful. She looked away, her cheeks were slowly turning pink. She looked up just long enough to say "Thank you.” and then shut the window. She opened it a few moments later repeating the order as she passed me the items. “Here’s two French Vanilla Cappuccino Supremes’ and a Boston Crème Donut. Have a nice day.”

“Thank you.” I replied. She smiled at me as I started to drive away.

“No problem.”

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