365 Coffee Cups

What happens when a boy meets a girl for only a couple minutes everyday with only the coffee cup being transferred from one hand to the next as a topic for a discussion that is yet to be evolved.

**Cover by: Raven711**


2. 3 Coffee Cups

I know that I shouldn't go to Timmie's, only to see her again, but she's so beautiful. How could I not go out of my way just to buy a coffee, only so that I can look at her flawless face once more? I laid my eye's on her for the first time yesterday morning. As she collected my change, I couldn't help but feel like our hands had been perfectly molded for each other. I think she was nervous, but, truth is, so was I. After we drove away from the drive-thru, I turned towards the school and started driving. Both Luke and I were extremely silent, until...

"So..." Luke said

"So." I replied.

"Has my best bud seen something that caught his attention?" 

"Maybe." I glanced over at him and tried to hide the smile that dominated the majority of my face. Even if I wanted him to think that the Tim Hortons' employee didn't catch my attention, my face would've proved otherwise. I had vibrant rosy cheeks and I couldn't stop smiling. 

"Aww." He started poking me in the side, a big grin appeared on his face. "Someone's got a crush!! That's so cute."

"Okay, okay. Could you shut up now, your embarrassing me. Believe it or not, I'd rather not take on the skin tone of an oompa loompa while I walk into school this morning!"

"Oh, quit your whining. It's cute." He paused. "You should go see her again."

"Oh, that's a brilliant idea, Luke. And what'd'ya want me to say. 'Oh, hey chick who works at Tim Horton's. I know it's only been five minutes since the last time I was here but I drank all my cappuccino  and I'd like you to make me another one.' "

"How about, you just go there again tomorrow, and ask her a question or two. Get to know her, or, if you wanna follow in my footsteps, just ask her out right away. It works for me all the time!!"

We pulled into the school parking lot and I found an empty space. Our day went on as usual. And now, here I sit... About a block away from the local Timmie's, debating whether or not I should go and see her again. Luke seemed to approve of her. He went on and on yesterday about how cute it would be to tell people the story of how we met. He's not really into that kinda sentimental relationship stuff, but he knows I am, so he's supportive. Before I knew what I was doing, I pulled out of the parking space and zoomed towards Tim Horton's. I felt a rush of excitement come over me, and then I felt nervous. But it was to late to turn back now.

"Hello, how may I help you??"

"Oh, uh... I will just take a medium tea. 3 sugars and 2 milks please." I replied.

"Okay, that'll be $1.39"

This morning wasn't as busy as yesterday was. I had about one car in front of me before I reached the window. As the car started pulling out of the drive-thru, I became more nervous. The palms of my hands were starting to sweat. I pulled up beside the window and the girl I met yesterday slide it open.


I pulled the money out of my glove box and handed it to her.

"One medium tea. Two milks and... three sugars? Wow, that's a lot. Do you play sports or something cause I have no clue how someone could take in this much sugar and look like you do... Oh, I'm sorry. That was unprofessional of me. Here's your tea."

"No, it's fine. I take that as a compliment. And to answer your question, I do play sports. I'm on the football and soccer teams at my school."

"I love soccer! Oh, I should probably let you go. I wouldn't want to be the reason why your late for school."

"Ya, and you probably wanna get back to work. Thank you for the tea."

"No problem. Have a nice day." And with that, I started driving towards my school.

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