One direction images

These are one direction images and I do take request just tell me what u want and bam!! U got a images I do dirty,sweet, cute etc any one you want.

Thanks~ Hannah


1. niall image

Niall pov:

It's me and y/n's third anniversary of being together and I want to do something special so I made her a little scavenger hunt to find at were I am at.

Y/n pov:

You go downstairs to see a note and a clue and You go put a cute outfit on cuz U know niall is up to something and go find the second clue when U find the second clue U go get the third and U find the third one and go find the fourth one and the clue said one more babe. Louis runs over to you and gives you flower Liam gave you a box of chocolate zayn gave you a hug and harry gave you a teddy bear then you see niall in a tux woahh what's going in here. U walk over to niall and he said he babe and then he grabs your hand and says y/n I loved since te day we met and I knew from that day you my life so we you marry me y/n you cried and said yes happy tears came down your face.

After 5 months of being together:

CONGRADULATION!!!!! Your pregnant the doctor says to u And niall you were crying because you niall were having a your first child together!!!!!! You go home call the boys and they said we are grandparents they laughed.

After having your child:

Kayden stop running in the house your going to break something I tell him and he said sorry mommy and hugged we were is daddy kayden said he is a work sweetheart and he said u miss daddy and he was crying it's okay he will be home soon promise he asked promise.

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