The Murder of Dominick Marks *Pen Pals Entry*

Adeline Larone and Fallon Ceridon are best friends who land in another demension. In this new demension called Silisen, humans are rapidly being killed off. In an attempt to get home, the girls start investigating the death of a mysterious person who might have been the only one who was able to help them get back home. But as the two begin to unravel more secrets, will they be able to keep their friendship, or will they have to sacrifice it for the truth?


1. Chapter One

It took quite a lot for Adeline Larone to be bored - she was creative and intelligent with the wildest of imaginations. So for her to be on the brink of falling asleep...

"...AND they've been spotted here too! People think that they're from another dimension or something and that, maybe, we could communicate with them! Like, even join them in their dimension! I think we should try out the Ouija board today." Fallon said, amazed, as she waved her hands about. Adeline didn't bother try to hide the look of sheer disappointment on her angular face.

"But we used the Ouija board yesterday and the day before and the day before that! We used to do loads of fun things and then suddenly, everything became about finding aliens and ghosts and new planets and different dimensions! Can't we just go to Murano's Café and draw like we used to?" Her friend groaned, flipping her glossy, midnight blue hair (Adeline was ridiculously jealous: her parents wouldn't let her dye hers) back over her shoulder. It matched her alabaster skin perfectly and drew her dark eyes out so that they shone. Despite all her weird misfit traits, Fallon was utterly gorgeous. 

"But Addie! Don't you want to find new dimensions?! New people and new stories? A new life?!" Fallon cried, obviously aggravated. But Adeline still couldn't understand why she was so desperate to meet ghosts and travel between dimensions - if that was even possible and f they even existed. Why couldn't Fal just be happy here?

"Well, no, not really! I love you to bits, Fal, but I just can't understand why we have to do this!" She shouted and Fallon looked considerably more hurt than before.

"Because its fun, isn't it? Haven't we had awesome times - remember the sleepover where we thought we'd finally caught a ghost, but actually it was your mum coming to tell us to go to sleep?" Adeline had to admit that that had been hilarious fun. 

"I guess, yeah, but-"

"And the time I scared you by making all those creaking sounds in the night? And the time-" 

"Fine! We'll do it! But please, afterwards, can we go and draw in Murano's Café?" Fal smiled:

"Anything for you, dearie." They laughed and Adeline decided that she may as well go along with it. Nothing ever happened anyways. 

Fallon pulled the Ouija board out of a fine oak chest filled with her grandfather’s old trinkets. She placed it gently on the table and then went back for the planchette. Adeline followed along once more, lighting the candles that were carefully placed around the spot of their session. After they had finished setting up, Fallon walked over the light switch while Adeline took her seat.

"Ready?" Fallon asked.

"Ready." Adeline responded. Fallon flicked the light switch off and gracefully re-entered the room, taking over the unoccupied chair across from her best friend. They joined hands and started to chant. After repeating it several times, Fallon let go and placed her hands on the planchette while Adeline followed her actions.

"We would like to speak to the spirit of Dominick Marks. We have...we have business to do with him. Dominick, are you there?" Fallon said. Adeline was instantly shocked: Dominick Marks had been murdered in the village recently. Why would Fallon want to talk to him? And what business did she have?

"Fal? Why...what...why are we contacting Dominick?" She whispered. Fallon's mouth set itself into a grim line. 

"We have to talk to him. You'll see." Adeline rolled her ice-blue eyes. 

"Why not just a random ghost?" Fallon looked at her angrily.

"Because it has to be Dominick! You don't get it, Addy! I have to show you...we have to follow him, you have to know what happened!" She snapped and Adeline raised her hands as if to say, 'I surrender.' She was scared now, but didn't have the guts to argue. What was happening?

"Now, if you don't mind not interrupting...ahem," She coughed," we would like to speak to the spirit of Dominick Marks. We are trying to find out who murdered him. Dominick, are you there? 

They sat there in silence as they waited for a ghost the Adeline knew would never come. After a couple minutes, she lost it.

"Fallon, I told you that this wouldn't work!" She screamed.

Fallon took her hands off of the planchette and whispered back "Shh, they are just asleep, they will come, sit down ple..."

"No, I will not sit dow...." Her words started to slow down into a slur before they came to a stop leaving her mouth open in awe.

"What?" Fallon was curious as to what caught her attention.

Adeline was a loss for words so she slowly lifted her hand and pointed to the planchette. Fallon turned her back to her friend and looked at the board. The planchette was moving very slowly up the board towards the top left corner until it settled on the word "Yes".

"Oh my god, it worked!" Fallon said excitedly. "Dominick, can I ask you some questions?"

The planchette rapidly moved away from the word yes and then moved back. Adeline slowly sat in her chair again and watched the Ouija board. Then, before she could stop herself she asked the spirit a question. "Dominick, who murdered you?"

The planchette once again started moving across the board getting faster and faster as it spelled out the name. Finally, the spirit finished and Adeline sat there and spelled out what it had said. F-a-l-l-o-n.

"You killed Dominick! That's...that's..." Adeline screamed. Fallon didn't say anything. She was focused on the planchette that was now spinning out of control on the board.

Light started flashing through it and a strong wind started blowing everything in the house out of place. The girls gripped the table, waiting to see what might happen next. The planchette started sucking things into it: the trinkets in the chest, the mail on the counter, the shoes at the front door, until finally the girls couldn't hold on any longer. They let go and they were pulled through the portal before it closed.

The planchette stopped spinning and then slowly, it inched its way to the bottom where it said "Goodbye". The candles blew out, leaving the house dark, empty and completely destroyed.

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