Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


1. Prologue

     From the beginning of time the hated witch, Griselda Blake, cast horrid spells among whomever wandered their way into her path.  She hated compassion, joy, and prosperity.  In other words, positivity was her enemy, and she made sure that everyone felt her wrath by unsettling the happiness of others.  Her most recent victim was to be Alena Clark, who happened to be the most caring and joyful infant girl there was at the moment.  Everything about her was beautiful, caring, and considerate. As if that wasn't bad enough, this baby was to be the only thing that could stop her plans of power and immortality.

    Griselda desired to display her ire by casting a curse upon Alena (while she, Alena, was playing in the castle garden) that would place her upon the foot of death at the age of eighteen.  Thankfully her parents were close by when this happened and called for her godmother.

    "Instead of death be she placed, slumber will settle upon her eyes for one hundred years until her true love become present.  Then, and only then, shall she be woken," the fairy godmother said as she weakened the curse set upon by Griselda; the tinkling golden light, that was Godmother's magic, glistening over the babbling Alena's head.

    "Surely, we shall be dead by the time the curse has been lifted.  Please, place us under the same spell as our daughter so that we may wake happily with her," her mother, Evelyn, said to the godmother; clearly distraught thinking of not being able to stand by her daughter for the continuation of her life.  

   The fairy was one of showing sympathy so she granted Evelyn's wish to be, as well, put into slumber and awoken when Alena's prince was to come. Until then Evelyn and her husband, Redmond, decided to spoil their daughter and give her the best seventeen years of her life. However, with this spoiling also came the education of rights and wrongs, politeness, and all things kind and caring.  

   Meanwhile, at Griselda's somber castle, she was planning a way for Alena to die and eventually decided it would be the roses in the rose garden.  One prick of the rose's thorns and Alena Clark would fall to her doom of death.  

  At least... that's what Griselda thought...

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