The Big Book of Dragons

This is the Big Book of Dragons! The very book you need if you want to know all the dragons to know of!

Madouc and Secrets try to write about as many dragons as they possibly can, giving their names, their habits and behaviour, their environment; etcetera. All the dragons maybe from games, films, books or other forms of media, but these dragons certainly exist!

But perhaps if you have made and drawn your own dragon, then tell us about it and it shall become part of our guide!


1. Welcome Dragon Fans!

Hello there dragon fans! It's Aldrin here!

This is an idea me and Madouc hatched up, since we're both insane for dragons. It's just a book describing a bunch of different dragons that me and Madouc have seen. We'll explain many different things about them, like their attitude, habitat, behaviour and all that kind of stuff.

We hope you like it, and we hope you're all filled to the brim with knowledge about each dragon we list!

- Aldrin Shadownight

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