The One I Fell In Love With ( TMNT )

Maria, A Mutant Turtle, Was Raised By Splinter. Knowing He Raised Others, And Couldn't Meet Them, Broke Her Heart. But One Day An Accident Made Her Dream Come True. And Sooner She Realised She Liked Mikey! Will He Like Her Back? Or Will He Reject Her? Read To Find Out.


1. When We Met


Maria's P.O.V

I Was Out In The City. It Was Freezing Cold, And I Was Shivering. I'm Not Your Puny Human. I'm A Mutant Freak. I'm A Mutant Turlte.


It Had Been Days Since I Last Saw The City. The Boys Had Been Out For Ages And Master Splinter Was Getting A Little Worried. He Had Found Me One Year After He Found The Boys And Decided To Secretly Train Me. Ever Since That I've Been Longing To Meet Them, But Still Haven't. Not Knowing Names, Or Faces Is Hard For Me. They Could Be My Brothers. 

" Maria! Time To Rest Your Head. They Will Be Back Soon. "  Master Splinter Said Wairy.

" Yes Master Splinter. " I Jumped On My Bed. What Will Tomorrow Hold I Wonder.




I Got Out Of Bed And Looked Out Of The Door. Phew! They're Not Here. I Walked Out To Get My Morning Pizza And Heard A Sound. Talking! It's Them! Instantly I Ran To My Bedroom. But It Was Too Late. They Had Alread Caught A Glimpse Of Me And I Heard Shouting And Calming Shushes. I Looked My Door And Crept To My Bed. Knowing My Luck In Slipped On My Pizza Box And Landed Safley On My Bed. The Noise Questioned Them, Im Sure. 

" Sensei! " I Heard One Shout.

" Yes Leonardo? " Master Splinter Said. 

" Who Is In There? " Another One Said. Master Splinter Sighed. 

" Maria! Come Out. " He Said With A Tone Of Defeat. I Slowly Unlocked The Door, And Stepped Out. Scared About What They'd Say I Looked Down.

" Boys. This Is Maria."He Said And I Sudenly Looked Up And Waved. " Maria This Is, Donnie, Raph, Leo And Mikey." Each One Waved, Except Raph. 

" Hi. " I Said Nervously. I Stepped Back Into My Bedroom And Locked My Door. I Slowly Sat On My Bed And Nibbled On My Pizza. Today, Had Been And Not Been What I Was Expecting.

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