I love you...

Travis and Charlotte. The bad-boy and the nerd. They both get good grades. Charlotte has been bullied and hurt her entire life. Travis is popular and bullies Charlotte. What happens when his mom gets one direction tickets? Good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught.

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1. About this book/movella

It's about two people, and their love

Name: Charlotte Dexterous (Char for short or Dex)

Age: 15

Living in: Crowley Meadows, Tennessee

Appearance: Has brown hair, blue eyes that are a light color, small, about 85 pounds, hates one direction, is a loner, gets picked on, turns to music (5sos and Ed Sheeran), is an A+ student, was a girly-girl now only wears jeans and loose shirts, has a crush on Travis.


Name: Travis Rose


Living in Crowley Meadows, Tennessee

Appearance: Black hair, grey eyes, schools bad-boy, A+ student, popular,captain of football team, bullies Dex, loves Dex, old best friend of hers.


There will be more characters, but i need help with them so i want you to enter. I need Travis' younger sister and Charlotte's older sister who takes care of her.


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