One direction imagines på engelsk!

'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


1. 1.Imagines med alle

Preference: He catches you cheating on him with one of the boys



Niall: *Looks abruptly shocked with horror at both of you as he lets out a loud gasp. He exhales as his breathe quivers. He says with a fragile voice "So that's who you were talking about?" He looks to you and smiles with tears falling down his face. "She's really pretty." He looks down as his smile breaks and quickly leaves.

Zayn: He stays frozen for what seems like forever. He grits his teeth and comes closer. "Fuck you." He points to you with his finger almost touching your face. "and fuck you." He points at the other member. He vigorously walks away as he shouts "FUCK" and punches the wall.


  Liam: He blankly stares at the two of you, trying to put together how this could be possible. "Liam- I-" You try to find the words for him. But to you he has nothing to say. "You know, out of all people. It's you. You?" He shakes his head and closes his eyes. "No. Not you. Not my brother." He clenches his lips together with a sad frown and walks away.


Louis: His jaw drops as he processes what his eyes have just witnessed. He rubs his temples and looks to the ground "ok." He looks up, "what the FUCK are you two doing" using his hand for emphasis. "Oh my god Lou-" "You know what I don't want to hear it. Save it (y/n). Save it." He walks away. "@Louis_Tomlinson: Wowwww I don't understand how someone can be such a bitch. Fuck you you whore. Goodbye."


Harry: He stops right there in confusion. He looks down and licks his lips really slowly. He slowly walks and sits next to the other member and talks to him normally. Until he can't take it and walks away quietly in mid sentence.

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