M I S G U I D E D. || l.h

My mind led me think you were the one,but my heart beat to someone else.The first book of the 5sos series. ENJOY!

All Rights Reserved © overcalumed 2014


1. Chapter One

I slammed my car trunk and carried a small portion of things up to my dorm.The dorm rooms are coed,but I requested a girl.I feel like it would be too awkward having a guy as a roommate.

I opened the door to my dorm.It was a decent sized place.I stepped inside and place my stuff down and went to get the rest of my things.When I got back inside,I quickly chose which room was mine,in which I of course picked the biggest room.I fixed my bed and put a few books away before throwing else to the side and heading back out.My roommate hadn't arrived yet,so I decided to set up my laptop and do some online shopping.The front door soon opened and three loud guys walked in.

"Bro,That girl was totally hot!"

"Yeah,I know."

I looked confused.They must be in the wrong place.Thy obviously weren't my roommates,as I said that I requested a girl.I stood up and cleared my throat. "um may I ask who you guys are." The three freakishly tall guys turned around to face me.The other two guys walked around to the living room and started playing my playstation. "Hey,do you live here?" The blonde haired guy asked,his eyebrows raised. "uh yeah." I replied.He smiled before extending out his hand to me. "hi,I'm Luke,your roommate." I laughed nervously,as I couldn't believe the words that had fallen out of his mouth.

"You can't be my roommate,I requested a girl.This can't be right." I said. "Look if you don't want to be my roommate I understand." He said,leaning in closer to me. "no it's fine.I just wasn't expecting,you know,a guy." He shrugged.He turned to his friends,who were completely engaged in one of my games. "hey guys,I'll catch up with you guys later." The guys turned off the game and stood up. "don't forget about that party tonight,Luke." The black haired one said. "Oh trust me I didn't." They did this really weird and confusing handshake before leaving,which left Luke and I alone.

"So," He started.He walked into the kitchen and opened a cabinet that was already stocked with food and grabbed some chips. "what's your name?" He asked me as he shoved a chip into his mouth. "It's Jaclyn." I replied.He nodded his head. "Well Jaclyn,I'm going to get ready for a party.You can help yourself to anything in here." he said as he rolled up the chip bag and put it back in the cabinet. "thanks." "no problem." I watched him as he went into his room and shut the door.I sighed as I threw on some sweats and a hoodie , grabbed some cookies out of the cabinet and went back to my shopping.

He came out almost an hour later wearing a pair of black skinny jeans,a red flannel,black converse high tops all topped off with a black beanie. "Are you going to the party?" He asked as he typed on his phone. "does it look like I'm going to a party?" I said,laughing. "Why aren't you going?" I shrugged. "I'm not really a party person." he nodded and slid his phone into his pocket and started heading to the front door. "see you later."

It was around 1:23 a.m when I decided to head to bed.As I got me a water,Luke and some girl stumbled in.The girl was laughing uncontrollably and they both looked trashed.Luke and the girl headed straight towards his room.I knew what was coming next so I quickly mad it to my room,the sounds of kissing hitting my ears as I passed by.To conclude the night,I fell asleep to loud moaning and grunting.It was basically the worst night of my life.

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