Right of way *Sequel to 14 and Pregnant* (Alternate Ending)

A alternate ending to one of my most popular books on Movellas!!
I hope you enjoy!


1. Alternate Ending


Nobody's POV

Minutes after the incident Blake and the kids were rushed to the hospital.

Zayn and Niall were the first one's called.

Niall was in the middle of writing an apology letter to Blake. Thinking he'd send it and then head off to Texas to become a teacher.

He decided he wanted a new start.

A new life away from his original one.

Zayn was setting up the new baby room. Hoping to surprise Blake and the kids once they got home.

"Are they alright?" Both Niall and Zayn yelled at the same time.

"Who?" A doctor asked.

"Blake Evans, Joey Horan, Cameron Horan, and  Reese Horan?" Niall asked.

"Oh. They'll all be fine. They have minor injures, which is very lucky." The doctor said.

"What about Blake's unborn baby?" Niall asked.

(N/A: In this ending Blake was 7 months pregnant)

"Well, the baby was born at 8:40pm. For the baby only having 7 months in the wumb, it's fully developed and she weighs 6 pound and is 7 1/2 ounces." The Doctor explained.

"Since she was born early we are doing some blood test and we'll need a blood sample from the father as well as the mother. Just for safety reasons." The doctor said.

"Also, we got a blood sample from her friend... Kyle? Yeah. since they have the same blood type" The doctor explained.

Zayn and Niall nodded and Zayn followed the doctor into a room. Niall couldn't help but wish that was him.

**4 days later***

Niall, Zayn, Kyle, and Blake were sitting in Blake's hospital room. Blake was allowed to go home with Cameron, Joey, Reese, and Blake's new baby Aubrey.

"Ms. Evans we have your baby's blood work." The doctor said as he entered Blake's room.

"Read it to me doc" Blake said.

"Well Aubrey is Ab+.... This is very odd." He said as his eyes looked over the paper a bunch of times.

"What?" Blake asked.

"Well. we took the Blood samples from everyone and saw if they were in any way related to Aubrey's and it stated that Zayn is in fact, not your baby's father" He read.

Blake looked at the doctor confused. The last person she every did, you know what, with was Zayn.

"How the hell is that possible?" She asked.

"Well. On here it says that there is a 8.5% chance that Zayn is the father but..." He said.

"But what?" Everyone yelled in unison.

"It says here that there is a 91.5% Aubrey's father is Mr. Kyle." Everyone gasped. 

"The hell did that happen??" Kyle asked.

"Drunken Mistakes are always fun... Live a little" Blake muttered.

"what?" Everyone- aside from Blake- asked.

"Drunken Mistakes are always fun.... Live a little" Bake said louder. 

"What does that mean?" Zayn asked.

"When Niall and I stopped talking I went out drinking with Kyle... and he told me ' Drunken Mistakes are always fun... Live a little' then we got smashed and had... you know what, on the sofia" Blake said.

"Well. Maybe this was good. Maybe it was the right of way." The doctor spoke before he left.

All Blake wondered was...

What the hell is 'right of way'?



The (alternate) end


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