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This Story Is About What I Think About ... Hope You Like It I Guess

-☯✖ Panchaa ✖☯


1. December 10,2014

Hi , So Today I Had To Wake Up So Early At 6 Its Not That Early But Whatever Cx My Mom Went To The Gym Somehow .-. I Want To Check On Bryan And My Facebook ( Add Me @Sarai Gonzalez ( Girl With Teddy Bear)) But My Step Dad Put A Password And He Wont Tell Me It Im Like Going To Kill Him If He Doesn't Tell Me !!! It's 6:51 AM Im Listening To Music . Music Is Life ☯ Sam Smith His Music Is Expressed In A Very Meaningful Way Because He Can Speak What He Is Thinking And How He Feels .. I Wish I Could Do The Same ;-; But Nah Im Too Good For That . Yeeeeeet But I feel Like Shid >.< Uyyy Why Does Johnny Have To Be Such A Man hoe ( Player) He Kills Me Cause Of That ;-; I Wanna Go To Tomorrowland Next Year ,I Think It Would Be Cool Ig . Gonna Do My Hair ,Idk If Its Gonna Come Out Right Hope So . Bye - ☯Panchaa ☯
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