An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


1. At Borgin and Burkes

Laura have her last day at work, at Borgin and Burkes. After a long summer vacation, she figures it will be good to be back at Hogwarts. The time spent in this creepy furniture shop, made her think twice about creepiness. Things are not actually that creepy any more.A lot have happened this summer, her parents got arrested by the ministry because they suspected they might be helping the dark lord. Weak excuse if you ask me, but that is not my decision.


After many quiet hours, some costumers finally came inside the shop. I smiled kindly at the folks standing in front of me. “May I help you?” I tried asking. A tired woman, with light blonde hair, meet my eyes as she barely nods. “What is it that you are looking for?” I needed something to go on in order to help them with anything. I suspect her sister for speaking up this time. Her hair was black and messy, she wore a dress probably as dark as the times we live in, and her eyes was madness it self. “Yes, we are looking for a cabinet!” She almost screams, which makes me stand up quickly and almost run to the cabinets.


“Any particular kind?” As I asked my next question, a boy came forward, a boy I have seen so many times before. Draco Malfoy. His attitude had lowered from pride, to more fear-like attitude. I can clearly understand that as I soon recognized the rest of the folks. Narcissa, the tired woman, Malfoys mother. Bellatrix LeStrange, his aunt, wasn't it? And the last man, who I have seen at my grandmothers house before she died years ago. Fenrir Greyback. A man I have feared ever since.


“How about this one?” Malfoy asked, more to himself than to anyone else. “Excellent choice, this is a vanishing cabinet. If it has a twin, it's said that you can travel between the cabinets. Unfortunately this one is almost too destroyed to fix, and the twin is lost. But it is possible to fix it with lots of time and patience, and when you do, you will also be capable to find the twin.” I looked at the people I tried to talk to, unfortunately this time only Narcissa and Malfoy paid attention. LeStrange and Greyback were to busy checking or looking out the windows.


“Any ideas where the twin might be?” Narcissas voice was sharp. “In Hogwarts, there's a room where everything is hidden. If you ask, you won't know. But if you know, just ask.” A furious woman put a grip around my neck and yelled into my face “What is that suppose to mean? I don't have time for games!” Completely cornered, I simply lost my words. For me, this riddle was easy, but yet again I am a Ravenclaw. Explaining the riddle on the other hand, was far to complicated for me. I stuttered, most of fear, but also for really trying to find some words to explain. “I don't know where it is, I only know that the room of requirement held whatever you need. If you find the room, ask for the cabinet.” My voice was trembling, and my throat was sore. But LeStrange finally let her grip go, and walked out of the store, right behind her was the Malfoys and Greyback. The shop, was yet again empty.  

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