Sinful Beauty

Since thousands of years ago, there has been a legend. According to the legend, in the cave of Tartania, there is a magic stone. The magic stone is said to give whoever obtains it the power to control the world. After hearing such legend, kings, emperors, and rulers all over the world set out to find the magic stone, but none of them came back...
Now, thousands of years later, the legend still exist. However, because of the stories of the many rulers that never came back after seeking for the magic stone, only the brave ones would try to find it.
Ray is the guardian of the legendary magic stone. She had existed since the world was created with only one purpose in life, and that was to find "the one." Will she ever find the one? What sacrifices will she have to make in order to accomplish her purpose in life?


1. Prologue

     "Your Majesty!" A servant ran as fast as his legs can take him towards the court. He was holding a part of paper torn from a scroll.

     King Rasalas, who had a problem at hand, glared at the servant's direction. "Go away! I have no time to care about whatever little matter you are bringing me. Leave this instance or I will have your head cut off!

     The servant, who was so excited by the news that he's about to announce, did not sense the anger in the king's expression and voice. Couldn't contain his eagerness, the servant exclaimed, "Your Majesty, I have good news for you! There news...." He took a quick deep breath before he finished his sentence. "...about the magic stone's whereabouts."

     The anger inside the king overwhelmed him. He bolted from his seat knocking over a pile of scrolls and shouted, "Guards!" The guards came rushing in. The king pointed towards the servant and commanded, "Seize him! Take him away and have his head cut off!" The guards bowed and dragged the servant away.

     As he was being dragged away, the servant begged, "Your Majesty! Your Majesty, hear me out! I know where the magic stone is located! Spare me!"

     At this, King Rasalas finally realized what the servant was talking about. "Stop," he shouted after them. The guards stopped and turned around. "Release him," he commanded, "I shall talk to him." The guards released the servant. The king walked briskly towards the servant with an eager expression. He opened his mouth to speak, but paused after a thought came to him. He thought, What if those lowly servants hear of this? They will steal this treasure and keep it as their own! I won't allow it! The king raised his head and stood tall and firm. "Leave." His voice was as bitter as the winter cold, and his expression was one who suspects another of a crime. The guards and all of the other servants bowed and left the court. The king followed them and looked all directions to make sure that not a soul was lingering around the court. He closed the door and walked back towards the servant. Without wasting any time, he whispered, "Where is it?"

     The servant handed the part of the scroll he was holding to the king. "The magic stone is in the cave of Tartania, your Majesty." 

      King Rasalas examined the piece of paper only to find that it was actually part of a map. The king turned back to the servant and asked, "Where is the rest of this map?"

     The servant answered, "I believe it is nowhere to be found, your Majesty."

     King Rasalas looked at the servant suspiciously before returning to examine the piece of the map on his hand. "Very well," he said, "I shall do fine with this." The king stopped examining the map and made his way towards his case of priceless treasures. "Have you spoke of this to anyone," asked he, as he was searching for something.

     "No, your Majesty," the servant answered, "I spoke of this to no one. I will keep as a secret for the rest my life. I swear, your Majesty." Though the servant was on his knees, he was filled with joy, anticipating the rewards that he will receive for his finding.

     The king grinned. "You have done well." He found the object that he was looking for and walked with triumph towards the servant, who now has his bowed down to the floor.

     "Thank--" The servant's words of gratitude came to a halt as the king's sword sliced through his neck without hesitation.

     King Rasalas laughed as he watched blood pouring from the servant's neck. "Only a dead man can keep a secret."

     Just then, a servant who serves the queen ran into the court. "Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" At the sight of the dead body and the king holding the sword covered with blood, the servant screamed. However, right afterwards, she got on her knees begging for her life. "Y-your Majesty, spare me! I-I promise I won't tell anyone about this. Please spare my life!"

     King Rasalas glanced at the knife he was holding and then looked at the girl. He dropped the knife and started laughing, making the servant startled. "I am filled with joy," he said. "Very well... I will spare you this time. "

     The servant girl bowed again and again until her head was bruised. "Thank you, your Majesty! Thank you, your Majesty for sparing me," she repeated over and over again.

     King Rasalas said, "Waste not my time. Speak. What news have you brought me?"

     The girl servant stammered, "Y-your M-Majesty, the queen had just bore a prince to this country." 

     The king's eyes went wide. "Why did you not tell of this to me earlier?" The king let out a sigh and called out to the guards outside of the court. "Guards!" The guards came into the court seconds later. "I shall go to the queen's chamber. Lead the way. Order the servants to clean the court as well." The guards bowed and led the way to the queen's chamber.

     When the king arrived at the queen's chamber, he first went to make sure the queen was feeling better, for he loved the queen dearly. 

     Queen Alcyone who saw the king coming prepared to stand and bow. However, she was stopped by the king.

     The king's eyes soften for nothing was in his mind but his beloved queen in that instance. "My queen, you shall not have to greet me formally in that state." The queen gave the king a weak smile. The king walked towards the queen and sat on the bedside of her bed. He held one of the queen's hands."How is your health, my queen?"

     The queen gave the king a bright smile to assure him she was alright. "I am doing fine, your Majesty."

     The king used his other hand to caress the queen's cheeks. "You have not disappointed me." He turned his head and looked around. "Where is the prince?"

     A servant who was holding the baby prince in her hands handed the prince over to the king.

     The king held the baby prince with great care. The king first smile, then started laughing. "My first son. The first prince of this kingdom. You are born when I found the object I spent years trying to find. You are the lucky star of my kingdom, our country. I shall name you Sadal Melik Karlaziam." The prince made a happy sound as if he was answering the King. All of the servants and guards bowed down to the king, queen, and the newborn prince. The king continued laughing in joy as all the servants and guards chanted, "Long live the king."


     Days later, the king had finished preparing for the trip towards where the magic stone was located. He prepared everything at night in fear that someone would realize his plan and set out to find the magic stone before him. 

     The queen was awoken by a nightmare, that night. She left her chamber to ease off her anxiety over the nightmare she had. As she walked, she spotted a figure. Then, she slowly made her way towards that figure to discover that the figure belonged to the king. "Your Majesty?"

     Startled, the king drew his sword. "Who is it," he asked with much bitterness in his voice.

     The queen came closer to the king, and the moonlight made her face visible. "It is I, Alcyone, your Majesty."

      King Rasalas sighed in relief and put his sword back to its place. "My queen, do not startle me. Why are you not in your chamber in such late hours?"

     Queen Alcyone place a hand on her heart. "I had a terrible nightmare, so I was thinking some fresh air will ease my fear. And your Majesty?"

     The king felt hesitant towards whether he should tell the queen about the magic stone and his recent  discovery. After seconds of silence, he decided that he should not be alert towards the queen, for she was his ally. He made a quick survey of his surroundings before he explained all that he knows to his love. Then, he said, "I have decided to depart tonight."

     The queen gasped and held onto one of the king's arms. "No, your Majesty, you must not! This is what I fear! My nightmare has come true! I dream of you leaving! I dream of you leaving our son and me. And... And you never coming back!"

     The king covered the queen's mouth. "Hush! Say no such words." He hugged the queen. "I shall be quick with my journey, and I shall return with the stone and the prosperity along with it. When that time comes, we shall have everything we desire."

     Queen Alcyone desire nothing but for the king to stay by her side. She turned away from the king to wipe her tears away.

     The king hugged the queen again, but this time it was so gentle that it was as if she was something fragile. It was as if she was the most precious thing in the world. He softly whispered in her ear,"Fear not, my queen, my beloved. I promise I will be quick with my journey. I promise I will not let you live with fear." He turned her towards him. "Trust me, my queen. Trust me only."

     The queen trusted the king's words, but her fear did not lessen. Yet, to put the king at ease, she nodded her head and said, "I trust you, your Majesty. Be safe on your journey and I pray that the time when I can be back by your side will be soon.

     The king gave her a kiss on the forehead and left for his journey.


     The journey, as the queen feared, was a long one. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and months became year. Slowly, the king started to forget his promise to the queen. He seldom thought of his one and only son that he left behind. He could not even remember the face of his beloved queen that he once loved so much. All of his thoughts were on the magic stone and he cared about nothing else.

     When he finally reached Tartania, he hastened forward. On the way, he asked a few citizens of Tartania where the cave was located. The citizens pointed out the direction without even looking at the king. The king was used to this since, in his kingdom, all of his citizens were not allowed to look directly at him. Therefore, he assumed that the citizens of Tartania knew of his status.

     After he continued towards the direction of the cave, a woman attempted to talk to him but was stopped by a man beside her. "Why is it that you stopped me," she asked.

     The man pulled her closer and whispered to her, "Do you not remember what happened to the man who tried to warn them? These people will not listen to our warning. It is fate that they shall suffer. Let them be."

     The woman felt guilty but she knew what the man said was true.

     When the king reached the cave, he could wait no more. He ran into the cave and started searching madly for the magic stone. He made his way deeper into the cave until he was stopped by the presence of a girl. 

     Though she was young, the girl was beautiful to the point where no word exist was good enough to describe her. She stood, staring at him without making any movement. 

     King Rasalas was instantly mesmerized by the girl. in that moment, he forgot about the magic stone. He stumbled towards the girl and remarked, "What a beauty you are!"

     The girl sighed and shook her head.

     The king did not know that meaning of that sigh and gesture, and he did not care about what it meant. All he wanted was to have her. "Do you know who I am," he asked. He then answered his own question without waiting for the girl's reply. "I am a king. Do you know what that means?" Again, he answered the question without waiting for a reply. "It means I have power and money. Therefore, if you go with me to my kingdom and be my concubine, you will have a share of my power and money."

     The girl ignored him and started to walk away. She said something but the only word the king could understand was "shame."

     This irritated the king and he sprung towards the girl. He grabbed both of the girl's hand. He looked furious. "I tried to be nice but you dare turn away from me. I am a king! I shall get what I want!" He started kissing her.

     The girl softly said a word.

     The king stopped what he was doing to try to hear what she was saying. "What?"


     He inched closer to her until he could finally hear the word she was saying.

     The girl's eye went narrow. She said one last time, "Die."

     The agonizing cry of the king traveled throughout Tartania.

     All of the citizen's of Tartania stopped their works and silently prayed for the king. Then they immediately went back to their work as if nothing happened.

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