I 💙 You, Shatter

This is a diary for my sister Shatter. We love her so much but she has a battle with depression that makes her feel like no one loves her. But we do. We want her to know that we love her and that we will always be there for her.


1. 💙 Hello, Beautiful 💙

If you're reading this, thank you, so much. It means so much to me that I really could never describe.

     {March 11th, 2015}

-Entry by Scarred-

   My sister feels so alone sometimes, like she just couldn't go on. I want her to know that there is people that love her and want to get to know her more.~~I just want her to feel like everyone loves her-that no one want her gone forever. I want her to be just be her and be able to be here for all the good things to come instead of leaving too early and only remembering the bad things that happened. She gets bullied at school, not physically but verbally, because she doesn't do the 'popular' things or wear 'popular' clothes. I'm actually REALLY sick of this and I know our school tries to stop it but it doesn't completely help, because the ones who bully never get caught. Somehow Shatter is always alone at school, and no one tries to help. She does have a few friends but they aren't 'close-knit' or anything, and if they cared they would do something but to tell the truth, they never have even tried to do anything about it once.

Our family helps her when she's down but it's tough, really tough for her to act happy. And.... she's only happy about a few things. Cats. Nightmare Moon. My Little Pony. Elsa from Frozen. She has barely even grown up, I realize, and she  hangs on the things from her childhood she knows and loves so dearly. We help her but I want more people than me and my family to support her when she is so lonely and has the thoughts. The thoughts about death, killing herself, when and how she would do it. I can't imagine being in so much pain that you would actually take your own life, take the next and final step. I want her to be normal, happy, joyful. I know it'll be hard but it's all I really want.

All I truly want is the best for her.

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