My Story

So, if you've clicked this then I'm guessing you want to know about my life. I'm warning you, mine isn't such a pleasant tale to tell. I'm just a little girl with big dreams.


1. Introduction



If you're reading this now, I assume you want to know more about me, my life and who I am. That's great, I'm glad you're interested. I'm warning you now that mine isn't such a sweet tale to tell. It involves betrayal, friends that were never friends and the hurt that I felt each day. Are you sure that you still want to know? Whether you're reading this because you're curious or you just need something to starve off your boredom, just know that this isn't fiction. This all did happen. The good times, the bad times, the ones I just want to forget -- lock them away like they never happened. No matter how bad they were, I'm glad I went through it. If I never had a bad school experience and wished I was someplace else, I don't think I would ever have started writing if not for them. No matter how I got hurt, how I wanted to come home crying, everything I've been through has made me who I am today. Still interested? Then I hope you enjoy my contemporary life story!

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