How to be a bad girl

How to be a bad girl

1.never back down till you get want you want
2.never give in a tease
4.always play hard to get
5.push peoples buttons

I'm only gonna post one chapter but is like or comment I will post another chapter


1. Michael

How to be a bad girl

1.never back down till you get want you want

2.never give in a tease

4.always play hard to get

5.push peoples buttons

Hi I'm ally and these are the rules I live by no this is not one of love story's where the girl stops being bad for the boy if you want that fuck off because your not getting it here

Im in my last year at school which is a bore

My family life is fucked up my dad died when I was young I did have a stepdad for years but let's just say he's not around anymore I have a twin brother Michael Clifford I haven't seen him in a few years he ran off to be famous with his band mates

Right now I'm at the police station with Ben and Ryan there my best mates they are identical twins which is awesome but also confusing I used to hook up with Ryan but one day I was drunk and confused and ended up hooking up with Ben it was awkward the next day but we laughed it off

"Alison Clifford" a police officer said

"It's ally"I snapped I hated being called Alison

"Your mum is here"

"Just fabulous"I say standing up

"Be a dear and get the handcuffs of me"I said to the police officer

"Are you sure you two are going to be okay here"I said turning to Ben and Ryan

"Yh are dad is going to be here soon"

"Ok see you later"

"Thanks for uncuffing me officer"I said giving him a kiss on the lips

"That's rude you didn't kiss back"

"Officers aren't allowed sexual contact with people in the custody of the law"

"You can if its true love" shouted walking out of the door leaving the twins laughing

I saw my mum signing papers I walked past her to the car he following the car ride back to the house was silent she didn't say anything till we got back to the house and she collapsed on a chair by the table and held her head in her hands

"Where did it all go wrong"

"You know when it did"I snapped

"How was I supposed to know?"

"Opened your eyes then maybe I wouldn't be this"

"This was on you not me"

"Just blame it all on me like you always do Michael didn't want to leave Australia my stepdad was fucked up what else dad dying was that my fault too"

"Don't say that"

"Its true but you don't want to hear about me you want to hear about you perfect son"

"Well he is not out getting arrested is he"

"How do you know you haven't seen him in years"

"It doesn't matter he still being good"

"I'm sorry do you want me to be Michael"

"Maybe being around him for awhile will do you some good"

"Well he's in Australia and I don't see you with a ticket"

"Well actually"she said going quiet

"So your kicking me out to move to Australia"

"It's only for a bit until you get your act together"

"I can't believe you"I said storming up to my room to see only a bed and a few clothes left

"What the fuck"I shouted

"The delivery men took all your stuff too Australia so it should be there when you arrive" my mum shouted up the stairs

"Little bitch" I muttered to myself slamming the door

Two days later I was in Australia walking up to Michaels door I think that it was his least I knocked on the door I stood there for about a minute but it felt so much longer wondering about how Michael will react to me he hasn't seen me since I was 15 pretty much

When he finally opened the door he took one look at me and stood there motionless

"Ally is that you"

"Look he remembers are you going to invite me in or what" I snapped

"Yeah come in" He said moving out the way

"Nice place looks a bit posh for you though"

"What happened?"

"Didn't mum tell you typical she kicked me out telling me to come here suprise"

"No no she told me about that I'm talking about you you have changed so much"

"It been 3 years Michael do you think I'm gonna stay that innocent fifteen year old forever "

"Yeah but this"

"What is there something wrong with my hair"I joked

"So where is my room"

"Upstairs first door to the right"

My room was red and black and had black and white zebra covers it took ages to unpack by that time I needed a fag yes I smoke get over it

"Hey Michael"

"Yh ally"

"Is smoking allowed in the house"

"You smoke anything else ally"

"No "I lied

"So can I smoke inside"

"No outside"

I grabbed a pack and a lighter and walked outside

I lit one up and walked down the road I found a beach at the end I saw a couple fighting the boy looked pretty cute he had blonde hair and a lip ring I walked past him blowing him a kiss I know I cheap shot he just looked at me then his eyes started to travel down

"You were just checking her out wernt you"the girl screamed

"Baby I wouldn't do that"he raised his hands up in defence but laughed while she hit him

After a while I decided to go back I went up to my room and got a bottle of vodka and poured some into a bottle of coke I took a sip then the doorbell rang i walked down coke in hand to see 3 boys standing in the doorway one of them was the boy at the beach

Shit just got interesting

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