How to be a bad girl

How to be a bad girl

1.never back down till you get want you want
2.never give in a tease
4.always play hard to get
5.push peoples buttons

I'm only gonna post one chapter but is like or comment I will post another chapter


2. getting drunk

Lukes p.o.v

I walked in to Mikey's house with the boys when I saw the girl from the beach she is stunning STOP IT LUKE!!!! She ruined your relationship with Katie less than 30 minutes ago

well I can't blame her we was fighting and I checked her out

I need to sort my life out

Ally's p.o.v

This couldn't of got any better I walked passed the three boys and blew another kiss at blondie and left them there starstruck while I sat on the sofa drinking my vodka and coke i took 3 long gulps while Michael was talking to the boys

"Oh guys this is my sister Ally."he said

"I didn't know you had a sister" blondie said

"Nice to know you love me Michael"I giggled I sat there giggling for a few minutes I was a bit tipsy

"Why are you so giggly" Michael asked concerned

"No reason" I said innocently I looked at blondie and he stared at the bottle haha he knew I put my finger on my lips siganally him to keep quiet

"Hey can I have some of that I'm luke by the way"blondie said

I handed the coke over to him and he sat next to me

"I'm Ashton but you can call me ash"a boy with Curley hair said

"I'm Calum Cal for short"I boy that looked Asian he had brown hair that was beach blonde at the front damn I was well jel of his hair

"Hey I'm gonna call you cal pal by the way" I said getting up and walking past them heading to my room

"That's awesome and when I'm famous I will use that name"he said shouting up the stairs

"We are famous doofus"Michael laughed

"Sorry I forgot"

"I'll go give this back to Ally"Luke said following me to my room

"Like it "I said jumping on my bed

"Yh it's pretty cool"

"Want one" I said holding out a fag

"Yh he said taking it and lighting it up

We just sat there for a few minutes just smoking

"So what happened with you and that girl"

"We broke up no thanks to you" he giggled jumping on me so our face was inches apart

"You shouldn't of been checking me out then you naughty boy"I said pushing him of me so now I was on top of him I pecked his lips and when he leaned in for more I turned away and got off him laughing

I grabbed a bottle of drink and said

"To love and hope it will never cross our paths again"

I took a swig and passed it to Luke

"To love" he said rasing the bottle and taking a swig

We drank for a while until Michael asked what was going on and we went downstairs pissed off our heads

"What was you doing up there?" Michael asked

"Nothing"we laughed

"you wernt having sex were you" Ashton asked disgusted

"Oh yes we were"I said "Luke he was so big I'm going to be in pain for weeks"

Michael looked like he was going to beat the shit out of me and Luke

"Michael calm down they've been drinking there having you on" Callum said at least he wernt as stupid as my brother

"You got my sister drunk"

"Oh please I got him drunk calm down Michael it's not like you don't go out drinking"

"It's different with you Ally"

"How were twins Michael were the same age if it because I'm a girl that's really sexist and I'm not going to stay in a room with a sexist pig" I walked out laughing luke followed me damn he's like a lost puppy it's kinda cute

I walked by the door and opened it then closed it again makin it look like luke had left and I took him upstairs

I woke up with Luke wrapped around me shirtless OH SHIT!!! I looked down thank god I was wearing clothes I couldn't be easy Luke was only wearing boxers


I changed into short shorts and a crop top that says bite me and put on a black beanie that says fuck you I walk downstairs to grab some pills and water my head was killing me and I'm sure lukes will be too I take two and a sip of water then bring some up to Luke I put them on the side and go back down stairs again well at least I got one thing from last night I know what pushes Michaels buttons he hates me drinking or sleeping with anyone

I wander where Michael is I walk upstairs and knock on the door but no ons answers I look in his room but no ones home I wander if he left a note I go downstairs into the kitchen and see a note on the fridge saying he went to band practice at Ashton's I suppose I have to wake up luke

"Oi wake up sleeping beauty"I said shaking him

"I can't wake up without a kiss"he smirked

"In your dreams now get up your supposed to be at band practise and if Michael comes back here and sees you in my bed your screwed"

"Fair point" he said sitting up

"Did we you know..."

"Do it know we were drunk and you crashed on my bed"

"Now bye"

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