Never Be💚

When moving from L.A, Sofie thinks she will never fit in, just like her old life. But then she meets Mr. Luke Hemmings, every girls dream crush. Throughout death and sadness, they will make it through together.


1. Hello, Australia

Luke's P.O.V

Beep. Beep. Beep. I slammed my alarm clock hard on the table so hard it slowly flipped off. I took out my phone. 6:15. Another bright Wednesday in Australia. I laid in bed for 10 minutes and finally rolled out of bed. I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a Nirvana shirt. My phone buzzed as I was throwing on some ratty old sneakers. Of course, it was a text from my overly obsessed girlfriend, Bella. I mean she's got looks and all, but she's not the nicest person. I think she only likes me for my popularity. I cringe even at the thought of that. I then ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, quiffed my hair and ran out the door.

Sofie's P.O.V

"Sofie, get up." A soft voice cooed into my ear. Of course, it was my mother. I yawned and rolled out of my bed as my mother was leaving. I looked at umy phone. Damn. It said "Wednesday, February 12th." It's my first day at my new school. I never wanted to move to Australia. I loved Los Angeles. Well, I had rarely 2 friends and one of them being my grandmom. I spent my days living in a library, reading tons and tons of books. But I hid the past away. I threw on a pair of Jean shorts and tucked in my green day shirt. I pulled in some tight, gray converse. I brushed my teeth and combed down my hair. Everyone loves it and I have no clue why. I rubbed on some sparkly lip gloss and ran downstairs. I grabbed the bagged lunch my mom threw together and put in some toast. My mother ran out of the living room with her car keys jingling. "Ready, Boo?" She asked me. I sighed at the fact that she called me Boo, but said yes, running to the car.

Luke's P.O.V

I said down in the half empty classroom. I looked around to spot Calum and Ash, my best mates. I was looking for Michael, but didn't see him. I then found the two boys and sat in between them. "Yo, Lucas!" Calum said throwing a ball of paper at me. "Not cool, brah." I said to the two giggling morons. "And don't call me Lucas!" They started to break out in laughter. I rolled my eyes. And as if this could get any worse, Bella walked in. Great. Just great. And of course not following far behind was her possey. "HI LUKEY BEAR!!!" She so loud Mexico could hear her. She took the seat behind me and hugged my head. I wanted to scream don't freaking touch me, but as I turned

my head, Ash and Calum were rolling on the floor, crying with laughter. I mouthed shut up to them as my teacher, Mr. Mcbarnes walked in. Following him was a tall, tan girl. The two floor morons got off the floor. They then sat up, staring. Nope. Nopety Nope. I don't care if I need to break up with Bella, she will be mine. Not dumb and dumber's. But this girl, was beautiful. Tall legs, long dark wavy hair and great stylish choice. Hot Topic. My trance was broken by Mr. Mcbarnes. "This is Sofie. She just moved her from Los Angeles." The whole class stared at her. I gulped. "You may pick a seat." Mr. Mcbarnes said politely to her. I kicked Ash of the chair. "Hey...." He said in a baby whine. "Grow up and move." I said to him with a deadly stare in my eyes. In fear, he moved. I gave Sofie a glance. She stared at me and took a seat down right plop next to me. Bella gave me a evil stare and I gave her back a nasty one. "Hi..." I whispered to Sofie. "Hi." She responded back with a bright smile. "I need to get some paper work. I'll be right back." Mr. Mcbarnes said to us. Perfect timing. "I'm Luke." I said to her. "As you know, I'm Sofie." She said with a giggle. "OKAY, as of now we are all introducing ourselves. I'm Ashton. Single. *cough*" Sofie giggled. She has beautiful laugh. Bella just kept on staring at us, with an evil look. We are not going to be together for long. "I'm Calum. WAAAAYYY hotter than that Ashton dude over there. I'm single and ready to mingle." He said shimmering his shoulders. Sofie and I both laughed. We turned and smiled at each other. Then, Mcbarnes walked in. "Lucas." He said. "Luke." I said, under my breath biting my lip. Sofie bit hers and tried not to laugh. "See if you have any classes with.... Steph?" "Sofie. Its Sofie." I said to him. "Sorry, Sadie." He said walking away. Sofie rolled her eyes smiling. We pulled out our schedules. "OMG. We have every class together!" We both said smiling. Bella rolled her eyes. Bitch. We then spent the rest of homeroom and the next two periods next to each other. We laughed and smiled at each other for the long two hours. The two periods I hate became.... Wonderful.

When it was time for lunch, she said that she would me and the boys at the lunchroom. I smiled at nodded my head. I grabbed 5 bucks from my locker and ran to get the outdoor table. I saw Ash and Calum walking up throwing French Fries at each other. How mature. I ran up to get lunch so I wouldn't miss Sofie. I grabbed at sandwich and sat down. "Where is Sofie?" Ash asked, looking sad. "She went I her locker to get her money." I said to him. "You arse!!!" Calum yelled. "She's new!!! She might get lost!!!" I got panicked and then saw her walk in. I wave of relief rolled over me. Before her came in Mikey. He was damp in swear. "What..." I asked. "Shut up." He cut me off . Sofie then reached us. "Hi, um, friend?" She said to Michael. "I'm Michael. But you can call me Mikey." He said to her. He must like her because never lets anyone call him Mikey. She asked to sit down next to me and I of course said yes. Then when I wasn't paying attention, Bella walked over. "Get off my man, Ho." She said to her. Sofie bit her lip. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." She said moving over. I grabbed her arm. Not for long, I said in my head thinking of what Bella said. Bella saw me grab her. She grabbed Sofie's head and pulled on the ground. She looked in pain. You could her bang on the ground the force was so strong. I looked up here arm. 3 little faded scars. Bella making her worse. "STOP!" I yelled at Bella. Bella booted her in the stomach. "Don't get into this Lukey." She said as her possey walked up with 3 trays of fries. They handed Bella one. They all dumped it on her. "Sorry!!!" They all walked away laughing. "We are through!!!!!" I yelled at her. Everyone went silent. Sofie ran out of the lunchroom, crying. Bella turned around. "What?" She said mouth opened wide. "You can't break up with me! I own you!" She said to me, about to cry. "Not anymore. Bye. BIATCH!" I said out loud. All of the lunchroom stared at me, even Ash, Cal and Mikey. I was pissed at them for not doing anything. I didn't care. All I did was run for Sofie.

Sofie's P.O.V

I can't believe what just happened. They attacked me. This is just like cali-frickin-fornia. I ran into a bathroom stall. I kicked so hard, adding my foot to the list of parts of my body that were in pain. I started to cry. I rolled into a ball to cover my sobs. About 5 minutes later, I heard footsteps. Crap. "SOFIE!" I heard a voice yell. Luke. "Yes..." I said lightly. I couldn't breathe or talk straight. That girl has a hard kick. I opened the stall. He hugged me, getting grease on his nirvana nirvana shirt. "I'm so sorry." I said to him. "Don't apologize." He said to me kissing me on top of the head. I loved it. We cuddled for about 3 minutes until six footsteps came in. "Luke? Sofie?" A voice said. Before I could say anything, Luke said which stall we were in. All 3 boys hugged me. Luke joined in. "Let's take you to the nurse to clean you up." Calum said to me. "Okay." I whispered. My stomach killed from that kick still, but i am starved. The boys walked me to the the nurse, with Luke carrying me on his shoulder. He nice and kinda cute. I'm kinda developing a crush on him and his baby blue eyes. The nurse saw me and took me in. I hated the nurse, they have always scared me and reminded me of sickness. The four boys refused to leave without me, so we missed seven, eighth and ninth. The nurse contacted our teachers so we wouldn't be in trouble for ditching, on my first day. By the end of the day, we walked home. After all the boys were dropped off, it was me and Luke, by ourselves. "Hey, I know this is kind of awkward, but do you wanna come over my place and watch a movie?" He said with a slight smile. "I'd love to."

Hi guys I'm sorry if this is kinda short. This is my first fanfic. I'm sorry about the font in the first couple paragraphs but I hope you guys like it. I'll update soon. Bye! ~Lili✌️

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