True Love in Blue eyes



1. Chapter 1

I wiped away a tear, "Michael I can't do this anymore. We can't be together." I managed to say through a choked voice. I saw a tear slip out of Michael's eye. "Why? Give me a reason." He said. I bit my lip ring and looked down. I sensed him step a bit closer. A tear fell and hit the floor. "Ryan tell me." He said. I looked into his deep green eyes, that we're now red and filled with tears. "Michael, I never see you. You're always gone." I said. He stepped closer, his hands grazed against mine before holding both. I looked down avoiding his eyes. I saw his feet and mine, less than a foot away. "Ryan..." He said through shuttered breaths and a shaky voice. "What?" I said, his hand gently raised my chin to where my face was looking right into his. His eyes looked so sorrowful. Like I told him he was going to die in an hour.... "Ryan I'm in love with you." He said. I felt my heartbeat getting faster as our bodies got closer. Our foreheads leaned up against each others.... I felt his hot breath against my skin with each breath he took. I felt his lips brush against mine. I felt the familiar spark that I felt whenever our bodies touched. Our lips fully connected, Michael's hands cupped my face. The familiar smell of his cologne filled my nostrils as the kiss continued. I felt his hand drift to my back and pull me closer, I wrapped my arms around his neck. The rain that was gently falling, started pouring down on us. We pulled away from each other and giggled, still staying close together. I looked up at the grey sky letting the rain pour on my skin. I looked back at Michael, his piercing green eyes looking through me. "Ryan?" He asked biting his lip, "...hmmm?" I said moving some soaking wet hair from my face. "Do you love me..." He said with tears threatening to fall. I bit my lip... I rolled my head, looking around the forest soaked with water. My eyes met with his, he had a doubtful look embedded in those beautiful eyes. "Michael... I just can't do this..." I said, immediately regretting it. His expression sunk to a sadness that would burn in the back of my mind. "I- uh- should get going." He stuttered, as he walked past his hand brushed against my arm, "Michael wait." I said turning around to see the look of hurt on his face, tears slowly descending down his face. "What Ryan." He spat. "Michael... Please, I didn't mean to hurt you, I don't want to leave you." I said. He looked down but quickly looked at me. "I don't want to be in a relationship where I am pouring my heart into loving you.... When you can't even decide if you want to be with me." He said. I stood just staring at him. He shook his head and turned around walking away. When I saw his car leave, I fell to my knees. I let out a choked sob, I just lost the one person that mattered the most to me.

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