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I guess I'll decide as I go along but I'll probably add just a ton of different stories and one shots of either just kellic or any band members that you guys would like. Comment some and I'll make them<3

I've written two other stories ( not finished as of right now) and decided to write a one shot because why not. Enjoy ♡


1. Chapter 1

Wanna meet up? Meet me at the bar across from the park downtown. Try to find me.


Xoxo Vic<3

I read the message over a few times. Who was Vic? He had a pretty good sounding name if you ask me. I lived in a small apartment close to downtown, just me. I'd been taking classes for years but I've never really had anything exciting. I'd had on and off flings with girls.. And well guys too. But I'd never had an adventure like this. A stranger asking me to meet up close by. They obviously me know me I mean how else would they get my number and know I was close to that bar. It was a risky idea I mean I didn't know the guy and I'd never gone to that bar before. I needed some excitement and thought why the hell not.

I read my clock a few times and decided it was about 6:30. I took my book bag and set it on the floor. Might as well look nice. I stepped my feet lazily onto the freezing bathroom tiles. My hands wandered for a soft towel under the sink. I gripped lightly and put it up on the unreasonably tall rack. I placed my hand on the cold metal knob and started up the shower. Pushing the curtain aside, I climbed in. I let the warm water roll down my chilled body. I stretched out my aching muscles and just listened to the sound of the splashes when the water hit the ground. I wondered what he was like. Maybe he was stubborn and arrogant. Maybe cute and loving and submissive. Or even sexy and seductive. Who knows. It was hard to imagine a guy you know nothing about. Then it dawned on me... How would I know it was him. He said "try to find me." Maybe it was supposed to be a game. Search for a mysterious man by then end of the night. The thought sent chills down my spine. I couldn't wait. I stepped out softly on to the soaked mat. I slipped the towel around my shivering body. I placed my self in front of the mirror and began to brush out the tangles in my black messy hair. I heard my phone buzz again from inside the kitchen. I'd get it later. I walked quickly across the carpet to my room trying not to soak the floor like usual. I grabbed a red and black Button down short sleeved shirt and slide it over my head. I grabbed some boxer and some small black skinny jeans. Maybe I should dry my hair and even straighten it tonight. Who knows maybe he is hot. I grabbed the dryer and waited till my hair seemed dry and soft. I plugged in the straightener and began slowly going through each stranded. Oh yea my phone. When I finished I stepped back into the living room and grabbed my phone.

One missed call. Unknown number.

It was probably the guy. I sent a quick message back to confirm our arranged plans.

Hey Vic. I'll see you there. Can't wait to meet you

<3 kellin

I listened to a voice mail from the number that said...

Hey this is Vic. You probably wanna know more about me so you can find me tonight buuut too bad because you didn't pick up. Good luck.

Damn it.

Well let's focus on looking perfect before we go. I checked myself in the mirror quickly and head out the door. It would be easier to walk them get my keys and drive. I'd be drunk by the end of the night anyway.

I walked quickly in the fall breeze, watching colored leaves fall from the tall trees above my short figure. Soon enough I stopped in front of the door to the bar. Should I go in? I'm already here. Might as well.

When I stepped inside I saw flashing lights coming from every known direction. It felt like some kind of strip club. People were all over the place. Grinding, dancing, drinking, you name it and they were doing it. The sign on the door read something like enter if you dare. Like a fake Halloween sign. I shouldn't have taken that lightly because people were getting freaky. I slowly shoved pass the people dancing and made my way to the bar. Not without getting hit on or getting touched though. I sat down on a fancy red topped bar stool. I spun lightly as I sat on it though. A man in uniform walked up to the other side of the bar.

"How may I help you sir? You here for the show or a drink? Maybe both?"

"What kind of show? And I'll have and fun and tonic please."

"Well tonight is our once a month concert from a well know band"

"Sounds cool. Thanks."

"I'll be right back with your drink"

About 20 seconds later a short long haired male sat down beside me. He seemed buzzed but not enough to be drunk. His fingers tapped beautifully to a beat on the edge of the counter. He seemed to have black earbuds in, probably listening to some songs. A voice snapped me out of my gaze.

"Here is your drink, sir."

I grabbed the glass lightly and sipped quick. It was gonna take me a lot of drinks to stay here tonight. I wasn't into much of the party scene but I definitely knew what I liked. I could go all night at places like these. I was pretty good at it too.


A small speaker echoed through the loud space.

"Wonder if there are any good."

I heard the voice next to me speak softly. It was a wonder I heard him with the volume level in here. His voice was higher than a typical male voice but it was quite alluring. His voice made me wonder what his personality was like.

"True. What's your name?"

I asked smoothing trying to sound confident.he looked over briefly and smiled. Maybe he knew me or had some sarcastic comment to add.

"Let's leave name out of this. Let's just talk. Where you from?"

"A little ways away but not too far. How about you"


He seemed interested but more dependent on me to keep the conversation going. He seemed different. I wanted to know more about him. A few minutes later band and on and began to play. They sounds cool. Probably punk or pop punk. I looked to my right and saw the guy began to sing. His mouth moved in sync with the vocalist. He definitely was a BIG fan.

"You like them huh?" I asked

"What are you talking about?"

"I noticed you singing. It sounded beautiful. From what I could hear."

"Well thanks. Want another drink? Or would you rather have a dance?"

Did he ask me to dance with him? Maybe this was the guy? Who knows.

"Sure. I'll take this dance."

A/n there's not a lot of smut but my other stories will prob be like that so I'll put warnings when it comes (so if you're into that keep reading)

He took my hand and led me to the center of the dance floor. He wrapped his arms firmly around my waist. My arms found their way around his neck and we began swaying softly. He brought his lips close to my ear and said

" Wanna make tonight more interesting. Let's get a few drinks and go outside what do you say?"

He began slowly grinding his waist against mine lightly. Enough to tease me. I could feel the alcohol setting it. Vic ordered a few more drinks and we stepped outside.

I downed a couple drinks and I was almost completely wasted. He wasn't too far behind me either. It was a pretty chilled night but it wasn't bad compared to the room I'd been in with all the lights surrounding me.

We were up against the back alley wall close to each other. Each of our words were slurring and crashing together when we spoke. My intoxicated state wouldn't let me pick up on most of what he said but I got a few words.

"Yourrr place now."

I obliged and took his hand in mine so we could walk back to the apartment. Cars were rushing on the roads and it was a busy night. Eventually there was an opening in the cars and we made a drunken dash for it.

"Babyy don't fffall to far behinddd"

I slurred while pulling his hand. After the chaotic run to my apartment I opened the door for us. He pulled my hand around the house while tripping in an attempt to find my bedroom. My mind was hazy but I knew I wanted to be close to I guess jumping on his back and almost knocking him over was what I went for. He finally found my room and dropped me on the bed. He got on top of my and straddled his legs around me. But shit I had to take a piss.

"I'll be right back babeeeyyy."

I slurred once again. I took my time getting to the bathroom. Once I was done I checked myself out in the bathroom. My hair was all over the place but it would be like that when we were done anyway. I finally exited the bathroom and got back down on the bed. Vic wasn't in my immediate sight so I just waited. Soon enough he came back with a little something in his hand.

"He-y take this it'll-like- make you feelll sooo good."

He handed me a little pill but I decided against it. I told him not yet. He pull it in his mouth and brought his lips to mine. It was rough but I liked the dominance he had over me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth; allowing the pill to fall in to. He pulled away and waited for me to swallow. My drunken mind didn't have that much say over it so I did.

"Good boyy"

He purred and I could spell the alcohol coming from his breath. He rubbed his hips against mine and kisses down my neck. That was the last thing I felt before I fell asleep.

I woke up with a terrible migraine. Shit hang overs were not fun. I sat up slowly, not without cursing under my breath. Vic was gone and so was all of his stuff.


I whispered as not to upset my extreme pain coming from my head. I stepped outside into the living room and noticed something strange.

My furniture was gone.

I peeped my head around back into my room and noticed a few other things were gone like my cell phone, my watch, and my laptop. Damn it he robbed me. I ran to the door and saw him with his head out of his car.

"Thanks for the stuff!!!"

He yelled loud enough so I could make out the words.

Well shit. Never trust a horny Mexican named Vic.

A/n hey guys I got to lazy for the smut ha but I'll take requests. It'll be a book I guess of just any request and one shots you guys ask for. I'll do pretty much any band member in the ptv and sws stuff kind of genre and maybe some you tuber and thing too:3 tell me if you like it. I'll try to make each story any where from 1,500 to 2,000 words which this story fell under too so yea. Sorry for the long authors note. Also check out my other stories and I just posted a new chapter for another book I'm writing. A chapter for that should be out today too. This is long OMG I must stop. Bye

<3 Emily

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