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I was walking down the hallway to my locker. Locker C404. Right by Luke's last class. I swear I was put here on purpose, just so I can be tortured all senior year. I'm 18, I shouldn't have to worry about being bullied. Luke failed last year so he's now 19, you would think he would be a little mature but nope. No maturity whatsoever. He thinks hes the best though. He's friends with everyone. Everyone but me of course. He's also dating the hottest girl in school. Here she comes now.
"Delilah, hasn't anyone ever told you that only popular kids get these lockers" amber says. I hate her. You can never reason with her. 
"Look, I didn't choose this locker, the office gave it to me because the lock on my old one broke" I tell her with a sigh. 
"Yeah well your right by Luke's locker and I want it" she says, crossing her arms over her chest. Her two little minions nod in agreement. Her two best friends, Jade and Shelby are just as bad as her. So is Luke, ugh, I can't stand to look at him. The bell rings and I finish putting my combination in. 
"Yeah well thats too bad" I tell her.
"Excuse me?" I hear a deeper voice say from behind me. This voice can only belong to the one and only Luke.

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