The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


1. The Surf

Hi my name is Charlie and as you know I live with my Dad in the UK, while my bro gets to stay in Sydney with my Mum. I haven't seen them for 9 years I tell you 9 years, but I'm staying strong through the tough miserable times. I have the bleach golden blonde waist length hair (confusing right) that everyone needs to touch at school, I know weird but somehow everyone gets amused by it and yes weird again. I have piercing green eyes and dark eyebrows, somehow my eyebrows are dark while my hair is bleach blonde. I'm really tan from the heat of the sun and by surfing every morning.

Anyway about myself well where do I start... Well I love my pop music but I mostly listen to the best bands of all time, meaning All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Green Day and Fall Out Boy but I could go on and on but that would take a while. I have a passion for soccer, horse riding and surfing. My age is 17 and I'm average in height. I'm bubbly, confidant, friendly and sporty.

I got shaken out of my thoughts from my alarm clock, aahhhh why do I even have it set on the weekends. It's 7:00 and I've planned to Skype my brother at 7:30. I got out of bed and literally crawled to the bathroom, it's way too early I'm not a morning person.

I had a shower and wrapped the towel around me, I went to my walk in closet and grabbed my Aqua bikinis with my beach dress. You can see my bathers through it but who cares I'm at home, I'm only gonna Skype my brother and I'm going surfing later anyways. I went on my phone and scrolled through my snapchats, I had a new notification from my brother. It was him with a beanie on, he said 'HEYO are u ready to Skype yet'. I took a picture of myself and wrote back 'HELL YEAH'.

I quickly ran to my computer and logged onto Skype, my brother was calling already gee he is pretty fast. I pressed accept and adjusted the camera to my face so he could only see from my waist up.

"Hey Charlie" he yelled while waving to me and making goofy faces.

I couldn't help but laugh " Hey haha ha Lu hahaha key," I finally got my breath and tried to breath in and out slowly.

"Why are you wearing a see through dress?"

"Well first off Luke I'm wearing my

bathers underneath and secondly I'm going surfing later."

"Ok kk you need to teach me how to surf one day, I need to know howwwwww toooooooo."

"Your exaggerating your how's and too's too much."

"I knnooooowwwww, ittt'sss toooo annnnoooyyy yooooouuuu."

"Well it's starting to work... Lucas." I said glaring at him because he hates it when I call him that and I always win when I say that.

"Don't call me that, I'll stop okay see."


"Oh I want you to meet my friend."

"You have friends I didn't know you had friends."

"Anyway I'm gonna try and ignore that, here he is." He said while bringing up a penguin teddy.

"OMG really Luke." I said face palming myself.

"He said hi."

"Well I say hi and I say bye to you I've gotta go, I'm going surfing before Dad gets back."

"Oh, okay well bye Skype later okay." He said while making his penguin wave to me with one of his fin's.

"Bye Luke."

I closed my computer and grabbed my surf board, I went down stairs and grabbed my house keys, bike lock and an apple. I put them in my beach bag and went into the garage to.get my bike. I put my bag in the basket and I had locked the door. I started to ride off with my surf board in my left arm.

Couple of minutes later...

I was paddling out in the ocean to wait for the right wave I sat there for a while until I found the one. I turned around and paddled as fast as I can I stood up and did a few tricks, I went in the air and did a full turn then landed perfectly. I went back to shore and admired the beaches view. I grabbed my stuff and started to dry off when someone came up to me.

" Hey there I saw you surfing and you were amazing, sorry my name is Dan and I can help you get into the the professional surfing careers."

"OMG really, but how do I know if your not lying?"I questioned him.

"Well here is my paperwork that you would sign so I could get people to take photos of you when you surf and all that, but if you don't believe me then I guess I should get going."

" NO WAIT, I'll sign it."

"Okay you sign here, here and here." He said pointing at every spot.

"Okay here you go and when would my first like photo shoot thing be?"

"It's tomorrow at 6:00 when the suns setting if you don't have anything planned."

I thought about Dads work and what times "No no no that's perfect I guess I'll see you then."

"Great I'll see you tomorrow." He said waving. I waved back and started heading to my bike. I ride off with my surf board, I hope Dad isn't home otherwise I'll get grounded. My Dad is all strict and that so he doesn't know I even surf or sneak out in the mornings. There wasn't a car at the front so I think I'm safe...for now. I got off my bike and walked into the garage, I unlocked the house and put my bag on the floor. I ran up to my room and put my surf board in my closet so my dad won't see it.

I went back down stairs as my tummy was grumbling and our pantry was stocked yesturday. I chose to make cupcakes because they are the best and cupcakes well... I make the best. I had started to get the ingredients out but the flour was to high for me so I had started to climb up the pantry, only if I could just "got it...ohhh oh ahhhh." I fell down and the flour just happens to fall on my head. "Great now I have to have a shower and go across the road." I mumbled to myself.

I went upstairs and had a really quick shower, I put my black ripped skinny jeans on with my blue tank top and my blue converse shoes. I went back down stairs with my phone, house keys and money. I wrote dad a note so I actually wouldn't get grounded. Then I walked outside locked the door and started to walk to the shops. As soon as I got there I went straight to the cooking aisle and grabbed the best self raising flour. As I was about to pay I saw the schools 'popular' girls, but my term for them are Barbie's. As you see I don't like them because they hate me, I tried to hide from them by giving the money to the server person and racing my way back, but the barbies leader saw me.

"Well, well, well look who we have here, oh wait nothing because you are nothing." She giggled the last part.

"Leave me alone Kara, you know I can beat your ass." I yelled and raced out.

"As if." She screamed. I just pointed the finger at her and ignored her. I turned around the corner to my house but there was something I hoped would never happen. "OMG WHAT, DAD ARE YOU IN THERE AAHHH."I yelled racing to my


So here is the first chapter from my book on Wattpad called The Surfer Girl and her Rockstar Brother//5SOS fan-fic. Check it out if you have Wattpad I'm writing chapter 14 now, you might like or you might hate it. My Wattpad name is Happy_Charlie. Comment if you want me to update the book on here as well XD byeeee


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