One Direction Imagines

Pretty much self-explanatory.

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1. You've been hit by a car - Harry

You don't see, or hear the car that slams right into you. Pain engulfs your entire body, but you can't talk - can't move. Helplessness consumes you as you fight for consciousness. You know it isn't a good idea to let your heavy eyelids close.

Then you hear the sound of running footsteps, and you register the blurry image of your boyfriend, Harry, crouching over you.

"No, no, no," he panics as his eyes scan over your body. You wonder just how bad the injuries are. "Y/N, can you hear me? Oh god, no."

You gaze at him curiously as a strand of his brown curl drops from where he's tucked it behind his ear. You've been telling him for months to go get a haircut, but he refuses - whether he secretly liked it, or he wanted to be stubborn, you didn't know. There is muffled shouting as you zone out for a moment, before Harry returns back into focus.

"Y/N, please - stay awake. Look at me," he grips your hand, and you almost laugh at the fact that he is talking unusually fast. "Please. The ambulance is coming." 

You want to reassure him, tuck that stray strand of hair back behind his ear and tell him you're completely fine; but you can't muster the energy to speak. You're already trying your very best to keep your eyes open.

"Y/N, just a little while longer," he pleads, and your eyes flick to him once more. He glances up, suddenly furious as he screams, "Where the bloody hell is the ambulance?" 

You try and speak again, only to gargle and choke on a strangely metallic substance. You realise it is, in fact, blood. Panic overwhelms you as you struggle to inhale the oxygen that has suddenly deserted your lungs. Harry pulls you into a seated position effortlessly, closing his eyes briefly as you vomit blood. Sweet air fills your lungs once more, and you are well aware Harry has saved your life - or did he? His previously white shirt is smeared with the surprisingly gorgeous colour of blood, and his hands are covered in the smooth substance. 

"Stay awake,Y/N," he urges desperately, "You're going to be okay."

It's obvious to you that he is trying his hardest to keep his voice steady and calm. "You're going to be fine. I love you." his voice cracks on the last word.

The last three words he says echoes in your mind over and over as you hear the familiar wailing of the ambulance, before your world begins to spin and blur - and you finally give in to the overwhelming exhaustion.



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