Songs Of An Age

My lyrics have always been about me. I've never shared them because they are the closest you'll ever get to looking into my crazy head. And that scares me. But I'm willing to take the risk.

Some of the songs are not finished.

Awesome cover by Brynna S/S WS☕


1. Song

I'd say this is a folk song. XD


Today I will sing songs,

Tales of wistful lament, 

Sung by messengers, 

Shy and contemplative, 

Oh forbid, oh please forbid, 

Pray for no lost words, 

Oh forbid, Oh please forbid, 

Pray that they will be heard.      


Today I will sing songs, 

From the darkness of my soul.

Each note, clinging 'to belong, 

Hoping that it'll be re told, 

Oh forbid, Oh please forbid, 

Pray that I'll make words, 

Oh forbid, Oh please forbid, 

Pray that I'll be heard.

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