The Open Road

Hayden, with the help of his friends, has been planning this surprise for Cyrus for ages. When it's revealed on the day after their graduation from their last year of college, it starts an epic adventure neither of them is likely to forget.


1. One

The first year Cyrus' and Hayden's college tenure had gone brilliantly.  

Cyrus, who was struggling with his dual majors at the beginning of the year, was now confidently moving toward his Bachelor's degree in both of his majors. Hayden, well, he managed to find the happy medium between classes, studying, work, and, being Hayden, fun and parties. 

Though they found college easier and better than anticipated, college was college, and college was still hard. So, naturally, by the end of their first year, the two were completely exhausted.

Which was why, as the two collapsed on the pull-out couch together, Hayden secretly decided it was time to take Cyrus on a vacation. 

Naturally, Hayden lay next to Cyrus and watched him fall asleep, and then he whipped his phone out and texted Char, looking at Cyrus occasionally, making sure he wasn't waking up, feeling like a little boy reading under the covers with a flashlight and hoping mom and dad didn't catch him.

Over the next two hours, Hayden and Char developed a plan that Hayden felt Cyrus would love, not to mention make him as cultured as Jonathan (Jonathan still pushed Hayden's buttons sometimes, despite the fact they could carry on a conversation.). Yes, it would make a significant dent in both Char's and Hayden's money, but Hayden loved Cyrus and wanted him to love his gift. And Char was Hayden's friend, so she was willing to help, as long as she and Lee could tag along. 

Hayden had a small smile on his face as he said good-night to Char, turned on his side so he was facing Cyrus, and closed his eyes. It would be a few more days before his surprise was revealed, but when it happened, boy, would it be great. 


"So, Cyrus," Hayden said the next morning, his hands wrapped around his coffee cup like it was his lifeline, "how's your first day off?"

"Great," he yawned as he sat down.

"Aw, come on. It's your first day without working on two majors! Lighten up."

"Yeah, alright," Cyrus said stiffly.

"You need a vacation," Hayden subtly hinted, "or a kiss," he pecked Cyrus on the cheek. "Which'll it be?"

Cyrus groaned teasingly. "Aw, come on, don't make me choose."

Hayden laughed, polishing off his morning coffee. "There's always choice C and D."

"And those are?"

"All or nothing."

"I like choice C," Cyrus smirked. 


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